Transforming Access & Identity to Prevent Cyber Exploit: A Case Study

In this Harvard Business School-style case study, we take a look at Lightening Electric, a power supplier in Northeast Ohio, who experiences a cybersecurity breach. A threat actor has gained remote access to a programmable logic controller (PLC). Upon investigation, the security team finds additional security threats lurking in their network.

Learn how Lightening Electric handled the incident, then use the included discussion topics to explore how your business could address access security!

The Lightening Electric facility supplies power to more than 2 million residential, business, and public sector customers who count on the company to keep the lights on, the heat running, appliances and equipment operational, and so much more.

Lead security engineer Carlos Alvarez logged on for a quick systems check and, as he perused the logs, noticed some unusual activity. Nothing glaring, but a few sensors and motors seemed to be working overtime. An hour later, it was clear that someone had gained remote access to Lightening Electric’s systems…

Download the whitepaper to discover how the remote cyber attack played out at Lightening Electric, and explore how to leverage access & identity management to secure your business!


Written in partnership with TAG Cyber cyber security analysts