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Protect your strategic assets by controlling and auditing user privileges and secrets with a leader in PAM

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End-to-end certified solutions to achieve compliance with national, state, or business regulations

Data Privacy
by Design

As a European leader, WALLIX cares about data privacy. Keep control of your data; don’t let others take advantage of its value.

Advanced Solutions for a Secure Digital Future

Privileged Access Management

Defend against the threat posed by privileged users

WALLIX Bastion
Endpoint Privilege Management

Eliminate local admin rights and stop ransomware

Identity Access Management

Simplify user access to enterprise applications (IDaaS)

WALLIX Trustelem
Multi-Factor Authentication

Strong authentication to verify user identities

WALLIX Authenticator


WALLIX facilitates secure remote access to support healthcare organizations.

In this time of intense activity, agility and efficiency are key to enable your teams to access IT systems easily and to ensure business continuity.  WALLIX solutions will help mitigate the risks of security breaches and save you time and resources to focus on your core business: saving lives.

Take a look at our dedicated healthcare resources for more insights on how we secure healthcare IT infrastructure with Identity and Access Solutions

Check out our webinar on securing health data and critical equipment.

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Streamlined cybersecurity for IT-OT-IoT networks

Anticipate and address the new cybersecurity challenges in Industry: when OT meets IT. Secure privileged access at the IT level with the WALLIX Bastion to avoid IT-to-OT security breach.

• Secure remote maintenance
• Replace admin processes with a WALLIX BestSafe agent
• Secure IT-OT connectivity by protecting application passwords in a vault

Securing IT and OT

” Best tool for high privilege account and traceability”
“Having WALLIX BASTION already installed was just feeling being Lucky during COVID-19 crisis”

Reviews by WALLIX Bastion customers


Customer Testimonials

“We were looking for a solution which could simplify and secure access to our infrastructure for our users and third-party suppliers. We chose the WALLIX Bastion as it was easy to use and manage, as well as meeting all our security requirements."
"We continue to deploy Bastion to this day as it has been proven time and again that the solution is reliable, its integration is efficient and it meets all our traceability and automation criteria."
"The WALLIX Bastion goes much further than VPN firewalls. It allows us to see everything our external service providers do on our information systems and avoids us having to provide them with the logins and passwords of our target resources, which are sometimes critical. As a result, we have complete peace of mind and confidence when we allow our more than sixty external service providers to work on our network. When everything is running smoothly, we can monitor everything done on the network by our service providers, which are not hospital employees,and we can respond more effectively, rapidly and appropriately in the event of an incident."

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