Cybersecurity Audit & Compliance

Meet access security compliance challenges head-on with robust, audit-proof technologies to secure your most sensitive IT systems and guarantee data security.

Regulations and standards at state, local, and industry levels from GDPR to ISO 27001 to PCI DSS require organizations to respond to IT security compliance measures around access to critical infrastructure and data.

Many regulations, integrated solutions

Achieve IT security compliance with a unified solution which meets access security requirements of GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST, ISO 27001 and more global security standards.

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Audit, Monitoring & Review

Prove compliance with an unalterable audit log of all privileged session activity, and enact a Zero Trust framework to control and monitor who did what, when, and how on your most critical assets

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Simplified Audit & Compliance

Secure personal data in accordance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Control who has access to personal data, and how that access is managed.

  • Ensure compliance & avoid heavy penalties
  • Maintain customer relationships & brand reputation
  • Improve holistic security posture through data security & access governance
  • Take a proactive approach to future regulations

Achieve internationally-recognized levels of security in compliance with ISO 27001 / 27002. Centralize management of privileged access to critical IT assets with robust, simplified access security solutions.

  • Meet auditors’ demands and requirements
  • Protect sensitive IT assets across your infrastructure
  • Meet a wide array of overlapping IT security compliance requirements

Operators of Essential Services (OESs) and Digital Service Providers (DSPs) are responsible for the security of both their IT systems and the public. This framework sets standards of security against new digital threats

  • Ensure service continuity and incident response
  • Mitigate risk of infrastructure breach with Least Privilege access control
  • Automate termination of suspicious session activity for proactive security

Control all access to sensitive cardholder data. Follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and secure against external and insider threats to customer payment data.

  • Employ Least Privilege and Zero Trust principles to ensure robust access security
  • Establish accountability over privileged user access to cardholder data
  • Trace and record all privileged session activity for audit and review

A healthcare organization’s top priority is patient safety. HITECH-HIPAA see to the security of the digital transformation within the healthcare sector to protect patient data.

  • Secure EHR and EMR protected health data
  • Trace all access to sensitive servers and resources
  • Gain granular control to limit who has access to IT assets

Access Security Compliance Solutions


Streamline IT security compliance with all-in-one access security including market-leading session management

WALLIX Bastion


Gain precise control over endpoints security even while outside the network with Endpoint Privilege Management



Guarantee user identities to implement Zero Trust and ensure access security meets compliance standards

WALLIX Trustelem


Ensure strong multi-factor authentication of user access to business applications and corporate assets

WALLIX Authenticator