Technology Alliances

Wallix works with the world’s leading technology companies. By working together to ensure interoperability and the integration of complementary solutions, we help our customers to reduce their risks and improve their compliance by deploying pre-integrated solutions.

Why join the WALLIX network of technology partners?

Joining the WALLIX Technology ecosystem provides assistance to develop integrations with WALLIX products. Partners can submit their integrations for validation by WALLIX teams. We provide complimentary access to WALLIX solution and can walk partners through the installations, helping them get up and running as quickly as possible.


Built-in integrations within the TECH partner product and connected to WALLIX solutions. Delivered and supported by the Tech partner.

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Co-development between WALLIX and the TECH partner and supported by the TECH partner. Validated by WALLIX QA team.


Wallix solution referenced by an alliance partner. The alliance partner and WALLIX solutions combined, bring you additional value.


Welcome to the world of marketplaces. Discover, try out, and deploy WALLIX solutions in the marketplace that suits you best.

Join the WALLIX Alliances