Accelerate business value with expertise

WALLIX and its certified partners provide the expertise, cutting-edge tools, and proven methodologies you need to plan, deploy, and operate your new Identity and access solutions in a standard environment with confidence.

Reduce risk and complexity

By offering pre-defined service packages, WALLIX experts can streamline operations, thereby reducing both the inherent risks associated and ultimately providing a more controlled and cost-effective approach.

Speed up your deployments

Exploit the full potential of our solutions thanks to WALLIX’s expertise, which means you can be sure that our solutions are deployed, configured, and parameterized correctly right from the start of their implementation.

Faster return on investment

Maximize the value of WALLIX solutions by relying on automation functions and technological expertise. Optimize our solutions usage by taking advantage of WALLIX expert’s advice.

A Three-Part methodology through Plan and Design,
Build, and Operate Phases

plan and design image

›‹ Plan and design

The goal of the planning phase is to enable you to design the best architecture in a standard environment. The right design can help you take advantage of all the competitive benefits of our solutions. WALLIX and its certified partners can help you make the best choice for your organization, on-premise or in the cloud.

build image

›‹ Build

The build phase focuses on the testing, deployment, and migration of our solutions to quickly establish a suitable and secure architecture. Using WALLIX Professional Services capabilities accelerates the implementation of your identity and access management tools while minimizing the time required to derive business value from your deployment. Working with WALLIX-certified teams and partners facilitates a seamless integration process, minimizing deployment risk while maximizing performance.

›‹ Operate

Within the Operate phase, WALLIX enables you to keep our solutions optimized and streamline your day-to-day processes to save time and money, free up precious time for your team to focus on higher-value activities, andimprove productivity while minimizing risk across your identities and access management.

Expert Assistance Simplified

Our professional services team is always ready to help. With pre-defined service packages to help you control costs, our experts can help you accelerate the migration, deployment, and management of our solutions.

WALLIX Support Packages

Whether you seek help to optimize standard architectures; test, validate, and deploy WALLIX solutions in standard environments; or plan and manage a migration, WALLIX experts and our certified partners can assist you. We have created service packages enabling us to quickly mobilize our teams to assist you.

Technical Support for our Certified Partners

Do you need to have additional expertise to implement identity and access management solutions for your customers? The WALLIX Professional Services team is here to ensure the success of your projects and the satisfaction of our customers.

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