In 2022, WALLIX is creating the WE EDU program

to make a tangible contribution to the education of tomorrow’s talent, and inspire young people to join an exciting industry that’s hiring!

WALLIX is committed to digital responsibility,

and acts to make future generations widely aware of the need to build a trusted digital world, and in particular of the growing need to protect digital access, identities and data.


Filling a skills shortage

Since 2019, WALLIX has been working with two engineering schools (ESIEA and EPITA) to help create a post-Baccalaureate curriculum in cybersecurity. This Bachelor’s-level curriculum meets an urgent need for new “operator” level talent among users of our solutions. These training initiatives are in line with France2030 national strategies, and in particular with the actions of the Contrat Stratégique de la Filière “Industries de sécurité”, for which WALLIX is piloting the roadmap of the “cybersecurity” structuring project.

WALLIX WE EDU: providing educational resources for schools and universities

WALLIX goes one step further in educating the younger generation about the challenges of responsible cybersecurity, and with the WE EDU program offers free software licenses for educational use by higher education establishments.

We support teachers with training in our solutions, and also give students access to the certification exam. It’s a technical springboard for employment in the cybersecurity market.


Discovering cybersecurity professions

With “Vis Ma Vie @ WALLIX”: we organize an immersive half-day on our premises to introduce students to the various technical professions by offering them the chance to immerse themselves in our teams.

Actively contributing to apprenticeships: WALLIX offers apprenticeship and professionalization contracts in addition to internships, because we are convinced that this is the best springboard for training and professional integration!

This mobilization of WALLIX and all its employees is part of the France 2030 strategy to accelerate cyber training.

In 2024, WALLIX is certified HappyIndex®Trainees for the year 2023!

Attracting women talent

This effort to raise awareness is also a parity issue, since women are under-represented in the cyber industry (≃ 11%). For WALLIX, highlighting the career paths of our female employees is crucial, and is reflected in interventions by female role models at events with schools or universities, at student fairs and/or in partnership with Femmes@Numériques associations or CEFCYS.

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