Streamline access, fortify security, and elevate user experience across in-house or cloud applications. Our solution minimizes the risk of breach by integrating a Zero Trust framework, along with Single-Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Simplify workforce access to applications, reduce IT burden and maintain ease-of-use for the end user with IDaaS.

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is the amount of time it would take a hacker to crack a complex 8-character password. 8x faster than in 2022.*


of respondents agreed that better business outcomes could be achieved if IT provided universally accepted and supported devices and applications to get work done.**


of desk workers use more than 11 applications, compared to six applications in 2019. **

*Source: The Hive Systems (April 2023) Password table, **Source: Gartner (May 2023) “What Workers Want: Top 10 Insights from the Digital Worker Experience Survey”.

WALLIX IDaaS unifies and secures your workforce access to applications with:

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

It’s time to outgrow the “authentication-loop”, simplify employee workflows and improve productivity. With SSO, users can verify their identity once and seamlessly gain access to other applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

By implementing MFA, you can secure accounts from credential theft and fraud.

Centralized User Acces Management

Empower your workforce and external users alike with seamless control over their data. Our system synchronizes users from corporate directories, automating access. External users benefit from self-service tools, including password resets and delegated administration, eliminating manual processes and saving IT teams’ valuable time.

“The solution allows to centralize authentication over a wide choice of applications, and offers efficient administration tools that are well integrated into our IS. The WALLIX IDaaS teams accompanied us with commitment and competence.”

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Easily implement security policies with IDaaS

›‹ 360° Security

With just a few clicks, guarantee access security for all the applications your workforce requires, providing comprehensive protection and peace of mind in an instant.

›‹ User-centered approach

Eliminate user password management fatigue, empowering your team to concentrate on key business priorities instead of mundane tasks, fostering a more engaged workforce.

›‹ Increase the efficiency of IT Teams

By reducing the IT burden, our solution optimizes costs and enhances productivity, allowing your organization to focus on what truly matters.

›‹ Data Privacy

Hosted in European Data Centers, our solution provides a safe haven for your sensitive data, meeting European privacy standards.

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WALLIX IDaaS unifies and secures your workforce access to applications

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