Strengthen fraud prevention with rigorous controls, policies,
and identity monitoring within your organization.


of surveyed organizations say they experienced fraud in the past two years, the highest level in 20 years of research.*


Cyber-crime is a predominant type of fraud experienced by organizations of all sizes.


of large enterprises will newly implement identity-proofing tools to address common weaknesses in workforce identity life cycle processes.**

*Sources: PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2022, **5 Key Predictions for Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection, Gartner 2021.

Optimize security by gaining control of your access rights

›‹ Access Certification and Compliance

Automate identity reviews and access certifications to ensure compliance with security policies. By regularly validating and documenting user access rights, organizations can identify and rectify any unauthorized access or policy violations promptly.

›‹ Entitlements Mapping and Analysis

There’s a pressing demand for enhanced visibility in access entitlements across IT infrastructure. Mapping user permissions is crucial for identifying unusual access, enabling proactive measures to prevent potential fraud, and bolstering overall security.

›‹ Identity Analytics for Anomaly Detection

Implementing identity analytics enables continuous monitoring and analysis of user access patterns, facilitating the identification of anomalous behavior. This proactive approach helps flag potentially fraudulent activities, allowing for swift intervention and reducing the risk of unauthorized access and internal malicious behavior.

›‹ Segregation of Duties (SoD)

In safeguarding your organization’s integrity, it’s crucial to have a solution that empowers your team. By leveraging their contextual expertise, they actively contribute to rule creation and policy definition. This ensures the identification of anomalies, highlights potential risks in access configurations, and provides intuitive dashboards for proactive management, enhancing overall security.

fraud perpetrator graph

Main perpetrator of the most disruptive or serious fraud experienced

Anti-Fraud Solutions


Identity &

Achieve better adherence to regulations, enabling meticulous risk management and streamlined auditing.



Ensure strong multi-factor authentication of user access to business applications and corporate assets.


as a

Ensure secure access across in-house or cloud applications from a centralized platform.

Remote Access


Prevent Remote Access from increasing the attack surface while offering optimum usability.



Streamline IT security compliance with all-in-one access security including market-leading session management.

7 key aspects to consider before selecting WALLIX IAG as a solution

Unlock crucial insights before choosing an Identity and Access Governance solution – pivotal for optimized security and compliance.

Fraud FAQ

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Prioritizing early detection, integrating robust security solutions, and staying agile in response are vital in countering attackers’ advantages.

Continuous monitoring allows for real-time identification of deviations from normal behavior, enabling swift intervention before fraudulent activities escalate.

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