Strengthen Privileged Access Control with Multi-Factor Authentification

Ensure security through robust MFA


of all security breaches involve the compromise of user credentials. Shockingly, 50% of these breaches result directly from stolen credentials.*


of account compromise attacks are successfully thwarted by Multifactor Authentication (MFA). **


is the number of fraudulent sign-in attempts that Microsoft detects on their cloud services every day.***

*Source: Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report, **Source: Microsoft (2022), ***Source: Microsoft (2019).

WALLIX MFA strengthens Privileged Access Control with:

Zero Trust Risk Management Policy

Take a “Zero Trust” approach to access security: multi-factor proof-based verification of a user’s identity provides the control needed to access corporate systems.

Unified, Secure, and Simplified Identification

Your users’ names and passwords can be hacked or cracked: using a multi-factor authentication solution increases authentication security. Eliminate password risks and have your privileged users use multiple credentials.

Native Integration with the WALLIX PAM security solution

Implement strong authentication for PAM. Enjoy seamless user experience as well as simple integration and maintenance for uncompromised security.

MFA protects access to IT, applications, and data, with a high-security connection wherever you are.

›‹ Ensure regulatory compliance

Navigate the regulatory landscape confidently, demonstrating your commitment to the highest security and compliance standards. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about effortlessly meeting and exceeding regulatory expectations.

›‹ Streamline workforce connectivity

It’s not just about security; it’s about simplicity. With one set of credentials, your workforce gains secure access, making their lives easier while ensuring top-notch security. It’s a win-win — streamlined access management that enhances productivity, all wrapped up in a robust MFA package.

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