A security-on-demand platform

WALLIX One seamlessly creates your first line of defense and decreases the risk of an identity-related breach involving the use of compromised credentials while still supporting the business’ need for rapid access to systems.

Zero Trust approach

Organizations increasingly rely on services more than products, and as perimeter defenses disappear, security leaders are shifting their focus to a zero trust approach with identity-first program as a must.


Cybersecurity represents
#1 business risk.


of security incidents are due to
insider threats.*


of attacks start with Identity.

*Source: Security Boulevard 2022

WALLIX One Services


  • Federated identity management
  • Seamless authorization and authentication for each user
  • Single credential control across all corporate systems

Privilege Access Management

  • Scalable PAM
  • Comprehensive suite of Session Manager, Password Manager, Secrets Manager, Access Manager and Universal Tunneling

Remote Access

  • Access control and traceability over third-party access
  • Just-in-time creation of authorized access
  • Delegation of administration to business owners


Remote Access

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SaaS and On-premises?

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›‹ A purpose-built SaaS platform

offering the best-of-breed Access and PAM services

Instead of hosting WALLIX products in your own data centres on private or public cloud environment WALLIX takes care of it for you. The software is readily available, and you are not burdened with the setup and maintenance or hefty upfront investment.

WALLIX One is harnessed by the industry-standard Service Level Agreement ensuring optimal performance with available and resilient service offerings. WALLIX One allows you to embrace Identity and Access Security with simplicity.


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Privileged Access Management
Reduce the risk of malicious or unauthorized use of privileged accounts, thereby tightening data protection against internal and external threats. Discover the service with a unique pricing model on the market, offering an agile and affordable cybersecurity solution.
Scalable PAM
Comprehensive suite of Session Manager, Password Manager, AAPM, Access Manager and Universal Tunneling

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SaaS applications empower businesses and provide numerous advantages. Discover the benefits of PAM as a service and what it can do to help you manage your Privileged access. Check out our eBook for more details.