Bastion Session Sharing: Empowering Secure Remote Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in order to handle the diversity and complexity of the IT infrastructure required by today’s digital transformation. This is particularly true when your workforce goes remote, and external contractors require access to critical infrastructure to provide maintenance to systems and equipment and assist with critical systems setup.

Numerous communication tools are available enabling two users to share and work remotely on one session for a collaborative admin task. However, traditional tools have limitations. Do you really want to deploy software that opens a communication tunnel from outside your secured perimeter, straight into the core of your critical systems? Besides, though those tools may be designed with great capabilities, they are not designed to comply with IT or data privacy regulations. They’re not built with “cybersecurity by design” in mind.

Secure Session Sharing

With those challenges in mind, WALLIX has enhanced Bastion’s real-time audit capabilities with the ability to grant two users access to the same session, while guaranteeing the security of the session, as well as providing advanced recording capabilities, and maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive fields like passwords.

Bastion users can now securely connect from anywhere to receive remote assistance, be trained on advanced and complex systems by an equipment vendor, or to monitor and assist a third-party contractor as they conduct system maintenance. Likewise, IT team members are able to connect to existing user sessions to assist with ongoing tasks.

Managed Services Providers (MSSPs) in particular may benefit from this functionality, as they often need to share sessions with customers to adjust settings or to troubleshoot their critical systems in real-time.

The new Session Sharing feature of the WALLIX Bastion offers powerful benefits to your organization:

  • Control and interact securely with remote sessions, respect regulations, and security constraints, and avoid using non-secure communications software within your protected perimeter.
  • Reduce TCO thanks to the eliminated need for additional software, deployment, and maintenance. Session Sharing is a standard WALLIX Bastion feature and, as such, it requires neither deployment nor maintenance of an agent, making it easy, efficient, and, of course, secure.

Want to learn more about the WALLIX Bastion’s new Session Sharing to facilitate external and remote access to your IT infrastructure? Request a live demo!