• NIS Directive

Infographic: Ensuring NIS Directive Security Compliance with WALLIX

With the advent of the Internet of Industrial Things, or IIoT, digital transformation is creating new opportunities and therefore new risks for Industry 4.0 players.

Whether they are Operators of Essential Services (OES) or Operators of Vital Importance (OVI), these players in the energy, transportation, healthcare, distribution, and water treatment sectors manage physical assets that can have a direct impact on human life and the environment. These operators are defined as providing an essential service, the disruption of which would have a significant impact on the functioning of the economy or society.

Industrial organizations such as OESs traditionally existed with IT and OT strictly separated. With the IT/OT convergence, however, once-isolated OT systems with their specific communication protocols – those famous command and control systems used for many years – the industrial sector has now adopted digital technologies and are increasingly connected to the rest of the world. As a result, they are also increasingly exposed to cyber threats. What’s more, the industrial sector remains one of the most targeted sectors.

Robust cybersecurity is therefore an absolute necessity to protect access to the data, systems, and industrial equipment that regulate these essential infrastructures in order to avoid the consequences of a potentially catastrophic cyber attack.

The increasing number of attacks and threats to the information systems of these organizations has led the European Union, through the NIS Directive to announce security standard recommendations for private companies and public organizations defined as Essential Service Operators.

Discover how WALLIX’s security solutions suite meets these recommendations and how WALLIX can help ensure compliance with the NIS directive:

WALLIX helps Operators of Essential Services achieve compliance with NIS Directive security recommendations

The control of administrator accounts, authentication or access rights management are all protection measures imposed by the NIS recommendations. WALLIX secures not only IT identity and access but also the architecture of industrial automation and control systems (IACS) by centralizing internal and external connections and by offering a leading traceability and auditing tool for maintenance and administration activities. WALLIX solutions empower critical OESs to be compliant and cyber-protected.

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