Protect the IT-OT Convergence in Industrial IoT Networks

Anticipate and address the new cybersecurity challenges in industry. Secure access and facilitate efficient, cost-effective connections to even the most heterogeneous environments.

With the increasing prevalence of the industrial internet of things (or IIoT), the digital transformation is creating new opportunities – and new risks – for the Industry 4.0 era including environmental constraints, artificial intelligence, and the arrival of 5G. As modern information systems and mixed legacy and modern operational technology meet, advanced cybersecurity is needed to protect systems, equipment, and data.

With simplified security solutions from WALLIX, no matter the system, your data and equipment are protected.

Securely Connecting IT and OT

Ensure ease of access to industrial systems while safeguarding both ICS security and service continuity.

Control access by remote maintenance workers and maintain both operational efficiency and comprehensive IT-OT security. Maintainers of industrial systems need mobility and fast access to the equipment they supervise while controlling access authentication.

WALLIX provides a secure external user connection to facilitate software upgrades, periodic maintenance, or any support activity within OT networks.

The WALLIX Bastion offers robust access management for Windows-based controller stations, SSH-based systems, or directly to PLCs through secured tunnels.

The life cycle of industrial equipment brings additional difficulty to the challenge of protecting them. Isolated PCs with specific operating systems or applications cannot be managed with the usual IT infrastructure. Ensure the security of these endpoints by removing local administrator rights and controlling the elevation of privileges of applications, scripts and processes.

With WALLIX BestSafe, deliver the right privilege for the right use at the right time, and guarantee malware and attacks are stopped in their tracks, before they infect industrial endpoints.

Ensure that legacy OT systems and new IoT equipment have best-in-class digital security:

  • Integrate heterogenous, multiprotocol, proprietary OT technology with standard IT equipment
  • Secure interconnection with manufacturing applications​
  • Eliminate credentials stored in OT gateway​s (Schneider, Cisco, Alleantia)
  • Store credentials securely in the WALLIX Bastion vault​ to avoid storing them on gateways

You are an Essential Services Operator (ESO), or Operator of Vital Importance (OVI), WALLIX supports you in making your Industrial IT System compliant with the requirements of the NIS Directive and other critical regulations and standards.

Extend the security of your production tool by applying the ISA / IEC 62443 or NIST SP800-82 standards with WALLIX’s guidance through identity management, remote access security, and the implementation of legal recommendations and obligations.

Universal OT Tunneling: Security & Cost Control

Unique to WALLIX, Universal Tunneling allows you to benefit from the power and simplicity of WALLIX Bastion all while simplifying user experience.

Connect directly to PLCs without going through a bounce server; we encapsulate industrial protocols (Modbus, Profinet, BacNet, EtherCAT, etc.) in an SSH tunnel to ensure the control and traceability of each session. No more costly bounce servers, you access your resources directly from your usual work environment!

With WALLIX Bastion Universal Tunneling, regain visibility over all access to PLCs and control your costs.

Schneider Electric | iPAM

Ensure security and availability of Industrial Systems with i-PAM - Industrial Privileged Access Management

As the industrial sector becomes more and more connected with digital technologies, the IT-OT convergence introduces new security vulnerabilities into sensitive and critical equipment. Inspired by WALLIX’s Bastion technology, Schneider Electric's i-PAM aims to secure Industrial IoT through robust privileged access management for the modern industrial organization.

Learn more about i-PAM


"By bringing our combined experience and expertise to the table — WALLIX in privileged account management and Schneider Electric in industrial system technologies —it is possible for us to unveil the i-PAM solution (Industrial Privileged Access Management), designed to control service providers’ access to industrial architectures. We are proud to say that we have become the go-to integrator offering this dependable solution in industrial environments."
"Adoption of PAM for IIoT can now offer a cybersecurity solution able to ensure an even faster and safer growth of our secure Industrial IOT gateway. This newly created solution category will accelerate Industry 4.0 transformation growth."
"The Bastion provides a truly safe zone for remote connections on industrial systems, that is fully transparent for the user and whose performance remains unaffected."

IT-OT Security Solutions


Create a zero trust environment and mitigate risk with Privileged Access Management

WALLIX Bastion


Gain precise control over endpoints even outside the network with Endpoint Privilege Management



Guarantee user identities to implement Zero Trust security and mitigate Insider Threat

WALLIX Trustelem


Ensure strong multi-factor authentication of user access to applications and corporate assets

WALLIX Authenticator