• What does an enterprise password vault do?

What is an Enterprise Password Vault?

An enterprise password vault allows administrators to administer, secure, rotate and control access to privileged account passwords while eliminating direct access to root systems.

Enterprise Password Vault Definition

One of the biggest risks to the security of your IT infrastructure arises from the sharing, escalation, or misuse of privileged user accounts. The security of these passwords is critical to preserving control over your network and your data.

However, managing these passwords securely, even for small numbers of privileged users, is very resource-intensive and quickly becomes unworkable as your organization grows. That’s where a password vault comes in.

Enterprise Password Vault Key Features

  • Automated management and cycling of passwords
  • Full control and tracking of credentials
  • Elimination of direct access to all systems
  • Fast and simple deployment with no disruption of existing access
  • Ubiquitous system and application support, including SaaS and business applications, virtual and physical servers, databases, network devices and security appliances
  • Certification from authorities like ANSSI and FSTEK. These certifications are awarded only to solutions that pass specific vulnerability tests and whose cryptographic modules comply with certification frameworks, all of which provide an essential level of trust in the security of the vault
  • Integration with a full-featured privileged access management (PAM) solution to provide maximum flexibility and utility with access management for easy use and session management for auditing and real-time management of privileged actions
  • Easy integration with SIEM and IAM systems

Enterprise Password Vault Benefits

Privileged account abuse is the #1 tactic for hackers and malicious insiders and was involved in 62% of recent major data breaches.

The key vulnerability? Shared and insecure passwords.

An enterprise password vault reduces this risk quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, a password vault increases administrative productivity, as it simplifies and streamlines the hassles involved in assigning, monitoring, revoking, rotating and auditing of enterprise passwords.

Want to learn more?

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