Security & Compliance Made Simple with Managed Services

In today’s digital threat climate, cybersecurity is no longer optional. The reality, however, is that it’s not always easy to put security measures in place, thanks to business constraints. Small teams, tight resources, and complex hierarchies make implementation more complicated than “just do it.” Not to mention the ever-increasing number and breadth of regulations with which companies must comply to meet minimum standards of data and system security.

So Much To Secure, So Little Time

Any organization, big or small, has much to worry about in the age of cyberthreats and data breaches. From healthcare to retail, businesses in every sector are targets of security threats from outside actors and internal negligence alike. Even small businesses are left struggling to meet cybersecurity demands with small, focused IT teams working at once on core business projects and system security.

IT systems security is easier said than done with:

  • A wide variety of equipment to protect (servers, IoT systems, cloud-based resources)
  • Many internal and external privileged users
  • Highly sensitive data (customer info, banking details, production data)
  • Increasing regulations & standards (GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001…)

Regardless of the size, IT investment, or sector of a business, all organizations must face these challenges and find a way to protect against IT breaches. This often leaves small IT teams stretched for time trying to balance the administration of cybersecurity tools with other business-focused tasks.

Essential Cybersecurity

80% of IT business leaders anticipate a critical breach or successful cyberattack in the coming year, according to Security Magazine.

What’s worse, 74% of all data breaches can be traced back to lost or stolen privileged credentials, making the oversight of privileged access to sensitive resources more critical than ever.

So we know, clearly, that security is important. However, the cybersecurity industry projects a staffing shortage of 1.8 million unfilled jobs globally by 2022 leading to a real puzzle for many businesses… How to secure critical assets when there’s an IT skills shortage?

Simplified Security & Compliance

Businesses are at risk; something needs to be done. So why are so many organizations behind, or resistant to putting in place the types of cybersecurity measures they need?

  • Connected MRI machines can be hacked
  • Production lines can be halted
  • Traffic can be interrupted – causing chaos and even danger
  • Or simply, important data can be stolen

All these risks have one thing in common: access.

Elevated access rights allow malicious actors or simply human error to run rampant, putting IT systems at risk of a major breach with no way to stop it. Control over who has access to what, when, and how they use it is crucial.

Managed services – security services handed off to an external expert – can provide the solution busy IT teams need to successfully implement cybersecurity without sacrificing internal bandwidth.

Bastion Managed Services offers comprehensive protection against data breaches, privilege escalation, and critical errors and enables quick regulatory compliance – all taken care of by PAM (privileged access management) experts.

Learn more about the benefits of managed services for your IT team in our webinar: So Much to Secure, So Little Time.