The Veterinary Directorate of Serbia chooses WALLIX PAM4ALL to control and manage remote external access to critical data and equipment

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia is an independent administrative body that reports directly to the Government and performs administrative duties in several fields. One of its main divisions, the Veterinary Directorate, deals daily with a large number of both internal and external users who connect to the systems remotely.

Since one of its areas of activity is the maintenance and consulting of systems, the Veterinary Directorate needed complete access to its systems, usually with root/administrator-level privileges.

“WALLIX Bastion made users very satisfied with the fact that real credentials are kept safe and unknown outside of the solution. In addition, they can easily scale the solution to adapt to future growth in all aspects. Real-time monitoring and tracking of video material activity is a big plus too.’’ – The Veterinary Directorate


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