The Urban Community of Dunkerque (CUD) is composed of 21 municipalities and relies on its IT department to ensure the operations and security of its IT system. The IT department functions for both the urban community of Dunkerque and the city of Dunkerque itself with a total of 2,500 employees.

Since 2008, Dunkerque has been using the WALLIX Bastion to secure the connections of external providers to the IT infrastructure and to protect the sensitive data held by the municipalities (civil status files and bank data). More recently, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, they had a new challenge to face: to quickly implement a secure solution to allow their team to connect to workstations remotely throughout rolling lockdowns.

“We appreciate the Bastion for the fast implementation of secure connections to equipment, servers and client workstations, but also for its ease of use. Moreover, the user-friendly interface within the Access Manager is very intuitive for non-IT users. This was a determining factor during the lockdown when we had to open the solution to different employee profiles in order to switch them to remote work.”
Matthieu Catrix, IT Operations Manager | Urban Community of Dunkerque

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