Enhance your security perimeter

Securing and managing external access to critical IT assets is a priority in the current climate of remote access and rampant cyber threats.

Empower your IT administrators and external providers to connect securely from anywhere with secure-by-design capabilities; enable your IT team to ensure that only the right person can access the right resource for the right purpose.

No untraceable VPNs. No fat clients. No plugins. Just maintenance-free and simplified secure access to IT resources with in-built monitoring for complete assurance.

Secure Remote and External Access to IT Assets

Centralized Management of External Access

Single console to monitor and audit external access to all your Bastions
Global Search to identify suspicious behavior in session recordings based on keywords and metadata
Streamlined control over privileges and oversight of privileged activity

Simple and Light Alternative to Complex Solutions

Improved user experience: systems administrators continue to operate critical systems through SSH or RDP consoles, embedded in a web browser, with improved cross session interaction and transfers.
Reduced TCO thanks to SSH/RDP access through HTML5 without expensive fat clients on endpoints
Limited attack surface with a single secured HTTPS entry point for external access

Increased Security With User Identity Solutions

Integrates with other security solutions including WALLIX Trustelem for SSO and identity federation, and WALLIX Authenticator MFA
Supports standard protocols to connect to third-party MFA solutions
Tracks and logs privileged user access, unlike traditional VPN access solutions

WALLIX Access Manager

Secure external and remote access to sensitive IT assets through a streamlined, centralized management platform

  • Enable secure access for external users through a web gateway to drastically reduce your attack surface
  • Audit your entire Bastion fleet and detect suspicious user behavior from a centralized console
  • Access extensive metadata of privileged session activity to quickly analyze long sessions.
  • Quickly identify a session thanks to Global Search, encompassing session recordings from multiple Bastions.
  • Seek and replay specific actions of a session for advanced threat detection
  • Streamline the user experience of systems administrators thanks to a web portal embedding RDP and SSH clients
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with a unique gateway, no VPN clients, and seamless integration in your IT systems



Enable businesses to seamlessly interact with third-party providers without compromising security. Provide access control and traceability over remote access to secure corporate IT assets and infrastructure.

  • Just-in-time creation of authorized access
  • Total segregation of corporate AD from the directory for third-party providers
  • Simple option for secure remote access to all corporate assets
  • Enforced application of corporate security policies
  • Delegation of administration to business owners
  • No VPN to install and manage, no additional burden on IT resources
  • Self-service password reset (SSPR)
  • Unified web portal with integrated RDP & SSH web clients
  • Full control and traceability of external remote access
  • Digital workplace modernization with cost savings



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