WALLIX becomes the go-to Industry 4.0 cyber-security partner


WALLIX (Euronext – ALLIX), a European cyber-security software publisher and an expert in Privileged Access Management (PAM), is currently carving out a position on the Industry 4.0 market. This industry of the future uses digital technology to create the interconnected factory while optimizing the analysis of big data resulting from the consolidation of factory, customer and supplier information. In line with its Ambition21 plan, WALLIX aims to become a major cyber-security player on a global Industry 4.0 market expected to reach USD 152.31 billion by 2022. To achieve this aim, WALLIX has created an Industry Practice tasked with developing new Industry 4.0 solutions in partnership with other companies and providing a more tailored response to the needs of multinational industrial key accounts. Headed by newly appointed VP Global Industry Practice Mark De Simone, the WALLIX Industry Practice has already signed an agreement with Alleantia, a promising European iIoT SME. This partnership has led to the launch of WALL4iOT, an unrivaled cyber-security solution for industrial device and application connectivity.

The WALLIX Industry Practice: a global approach to industry challenges

With more than 300 customers in the industrial sector located in all territories where WALLIX is present, including France, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Middle East, and the US, WALLIX has strong expertise in the industrial cybersecurity field. The WALLIX Bastion Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution protects remote access to industrial sites (remote maintenance of SCADAs and industrial PLCs) and presents strong differentiators in this sector with, in particular, an especially advantageous TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Up to now, industry has operated on the basis of closed systems. Now, however, migration to Industry 4.0 means that machines, applications and factories are being increasingly connected to cloud systems using big data and artificial intelligence (AI) and interfaced with corporate IT systems. This convergence between industrial and standard computer technology is radically changing the game.

This new connectivity, which is conducive to just-in-time production, optimizing manufacturing processes, cutting costs, and efficiency gains, generates cyber risks different from those associated with standard computing that can lead to drastic consequences.

Connected industry is more exposed to cyber-attack due to the increased number of entry points. As a result, new solutions are required to tackle this problem. WALLIX regards Industry 4.0 as a sufficiently distinct sector offering sufficient opportunities to justify the creation of a specific Industry Practice endowed with specific resources. Newly-appointed VP Global Industry Practice Mark De Simone explained: “Our practice will speak the language of industry and understand its needs. Our main tasks are to define a strategy for industrial global accounts, develop new solutions to meet their requirements, and set up partnerships with industry specialists in order to gain access to new distribution channels and help develop a suitable language for this sector.

WALL4iOT: a fully secure solution for enhancing connectivity in industrial facilities

To launch the new Industrial IoT cybersecurity solution WALL4iOT, an initial partnership has been set up with Alleantia, a leading IIoT specialist, whose solution guarantees connectivity between different types of industrial devices (machines, vehicles, etc.), cloud platforms and business applications (predictive maintenance, production management, etc.).  The Alleantia ISC gateway is a user-friendly, plug-and-play platform for integrating industrial facilities within the Industry 4.0 paradigm.  “The launch of WALL4iOT today has been made possible by combining our respective expertise in IIoT and cyber-security. Alleantia ISC will be enhanced with PAM WALLIX Bastion password protection features, allowing fully secure protection of industrial facility connectivity. WALL4iOT is the first ever natively-secured multi-protocol industrial gateway,” Mark De Simone explained.

Alleantia CEO Stefano Linari added: “Adoption of WALL4iOT ‘powered by WALLIX and Alleantia‘ can now offer a cyber-security solution able to ensure an even faster and safer growth of our secure Industrial IOT gateway. This newly created solution category will accelerate Industry 4.0 transformation growth.

WALLIX CEO Jean-Noël De Galzain explained: “WALL4iOT is an innovative first response tailored to the needs of Industry 4.0. One thing is certain: all industries are going to need this kind of solution. The further down the line you go towards digital transformation, the more you will need the WALLIX cyber-protection solution.”


Discover WALL4iOT at Cybertech EMA – Rome (Italy) from September 25-26 or IT-SA – Nuremberg (Germany ) October 8-10 to learn more.




A software company providing cyber security solutions, WALLIX Group is a European specialist in privileged account governance. In response to recent regulatory change (NIS/GDPR in Europe and OVIs in France) and the cyber security threats affecting all companies today, Bastion helps users protect their critical IT assets: data, servers, terminals and connected objects. It is the first market solution to have been awarded first-level security certification (CSPN) by France’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) and thus meet all of the criteria for regulatory compliance

WALLIX accompanies more than 770 companies and organizations on a day-to-day basis. Its solutions are marketed through a network of more than 160 resellers and trained and accredited integrators. Listed on Euronext under the code ALLIX, WALLIX Group is a leader on the PAM market with a strong presence throughout Europe and EMEA. Alain Afflelou, Dassault Aviation, Gulf Air, Maroc Telecom, McDonald’s, Michelin, and PSA Peugeot-Citroën trust WALLIX to secure their information systems.

WALLIX Bastion was a winner at the 2016 Computing Security Awards and has been rated Best Buy by SC Magazine, as well as being named among the PAM leaders in the Product and Innovation categories of the KuppingerCole 2017 Leadership Compass report. The company is a member of Bpifrance Excellence, a champion of the Pôle Systematic Paris Region cluster and a founding member of the Hexatrust grouping of cyber security companies. In 2017, WALLIX Group was included in Forbes France’s Futur40 ranking of fastest-growing listed companies.

More information: www.wallix.com | info@wallix.com



Alleantia is a young and dynamic SME in the IT sector, internationally reputed for its innovative solutions applied to the “Industrial Internet of Things” and Industry 4.0 in particular, as well as its “Connected by Alleantia” network of developer and system integrator partners. Alleantia software solutions, embedded in the IoT Edge gateway, are able to integrate machines, manufacturing plants, transportation equipment and any automation devices with the web, corporate IT systems and the new cloud IoT applications. These ready-to-use interfaces have now made it possible to create a plug and play Industrial Internet of Things. This approach creates new value in terms of IoT data availability and new business models, development opportunities and occupational skills in all companies wishing to carry out digital transformation within the 4.0 paradigm. Read more at: www.alleantia.com




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