WALLIX Appoints Kristine Kirchner as VP Channel EMEA to Accelerate the Development of its Business Partner Program

  • The local success stories of the WALLIX Business Partner Program to be replicated and extended to all regions of the world
  • WALLIX strengthens its position in the SME market and its key sectors – industry, healthcare, financial services – thanks to partners specializing in Operational Technology (OT) and Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP)
  • To accelerate its global expansion, WALLIX will also strengthen its links with major integrators and influencers


Paris, February 16th, 2021WALLIX, (Euronext ALLIX) a European publisher of cybersecurity software and expert in Identity and Access Security solutions, appoints Kristine Kirchner as VP Channel EMEA who will take on leadership of the 15-person Channel team, which manages the WALLIX distribution network through the Business Partner Program. Previously responsible for business development of the WALLIX Trustelem IDaaS offering, Kristine Kirchner’s mission is to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the Business Partner Program throughout the EMEA region, and to accelerate development in key sectors: industry, healthcare, and financial services, particularly through partners specializing in operational technology (OT) and Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP). The latter will also enable WALLIX to strengthen its position in the SME market.

The WALLIX Business Partner Program: Regional strengths pay off

Last October, WALLIX announced the strengthening of its Business Partner Program in key regions. The objective was to strengthen its presence within existing territories and to conquer new regions in order to respond to market demand worldwide. Since this announcement, the Business Partner Program has experienced a clear acceleration. The regional application of the Business Partner Program enabling a tailored response to the specificities of each market (regulations, sectors of activity, etc.), is bearing fruit. The model of the German “success story” previously highlighted, which now includes Tech Data as a new distributor, has been successfully transposed to other countries. In Italy, Exclusive Networks now manages more than 10 partners. In the BeNeLux region, the network now has 4 new partners. Additionally, 20 new distributors and VARs have enriched the panel of partners covering the vast MEA region in just 4 months.

Today, this success must be expanded to all countries in the EMEA region. Kristine Kirchner’s mission, as newly appointed VP Channel EMEA, is to ensure the extension of this successful model through a strong coordinating role and by instilling the overall strategic vision of the company, which is essential to this key position.

The WALLIX Business Partner Program accelerates sector development

Kristine Kirchner’s second mission is to accelerate development of the Business Partner Program in key sectors of focus for WALLIX in 2021: healthcare, industry and financial services; to strengthen its presence in international key accounts; and to continue the conquest of SMEs.

For healthcare and industry, the Business Partner Program now also relies on partners who specialize in Operational Technology (OT). This is the case, for example, of Fives, a specialist in industrial engineering, who shares with WALLIX the idea that the successful digital transformation of factories cannot be achieved without cyber security. Thus, Fives now offers its Fives CortX Gateway with WALLIX Inside (embedded WALLIX access and identity security technologies). The objective in 2021 will be to increase the number of these strategic alliances on a global level.

WALLIX is strengthening its links with major integrators (GSI) to offer cybersecurity solutions which are increasingly adapted to the unique needs of sectors subject to strong regulations, such as financial services. Kristine Kirchner will also manage the program dedicated to influencers, which will enable WALLIX to support key accounts in international projects.

To accelerate its pursuit of the SME market, the Business Partner Program includes Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), which target these companies that have neither the expertise nor the internal resources to undertake cyber security projects and often turn to MSSPs as specialists in the management of cyber security services.

Our Business Partner Program has the ambition to strengthen itself locally, to be as close as possible to the needs of each market, while relying on a strong global development strategy. My role will be to ensure this coordination at the global level in order to succeed in transposing local success models to the international level, with objectives by sector from now on,” comments Kristine Kirchner, VP EMEA Channel at WALLIX.

The appointment of Kristine Kirchner as VP Channel EMEA marks our commitment to focus on the DNA of our model, namely the relationship with partners. Together with her team, we plan to expand our partner program to include Industrial Cybersecurity specialists (OT) and Managed and Hosted Service Providers (MSSPs). This will enable us to strengthen our presence in sectors where cybersecurity issues are more essential than ever. Together we will also make cybersecurity more accessible to medium-sized organizations and SMEs” explains Jean-Noël de Galzain, founder & CEO of WALLIX.



A software company providing cybersecurity solutions, WALLIX is the European specialist in Identity and Access Security Solutions. WALLIX’s unified solutions portfolio enables companies to respond to today’s data protection challenges. WALLIX solutions guarantee detection of and resilience to cyberattacks, which enables business continuity. The solutions also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements regarding access to IT infrastructures and critical data. The portfolio of unified solutions is distributed through a network of more than 180 resellers and integrators worldwide. Listed on the Euronext (ALLIX), WALLIX supports more than 1,200 organizations in securing their digital transformation. WALLIX is a founding member of the HEXATRUST group and has been included in the Futur40, the first ranking of growth companies on the stock exchange published by Forbes France, and is part of the Tech 40 index.

WALLIX affirms its digital responsibility and is committed to contributing to the construction of a trusted European digital space, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of data for organizations as well as for individuals concerned about the protection of their digital identity and privacy. Digital technology, whether for professional or personal use, must be ethical and responsible in order to pursue a secure societal digital transformation that respects individual freedoms.

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