Schneider Electric Integrates WALLIX Inside into its New Line of Harmony P6 « Edge Box » for Industrial Infrastructures Cybersecurity

  • WALLIX Inside is integrated “by design” into industrial engineering solutions, thus offering customers all WALLIX technologies for securing digital identity and access to industrial data.
  • WALLIX Inside, innovative technologies for securing identity and access, embedded in the new line of Harmony P6 industrial PCs.
  • A significant step forward in a long-standing partnership.


Paris, June 24th, 2021WALLIX, (Euronext ALLIX) an European publisher of cybersecurity software and expert in Identity and Access Security solutions, announces the integration of WALLIX Inside cybersecurity technologies into Schneider Electric’s line of Harmony P6 industrial PCs. In order to strengthen their more than 5-year partnership, Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and WALLIX Group are launching an integrated solution that ensures security connections to the systems of industrial plants, commercial buildings, hospitals, and data centers.

Integration of WALLIX Inside software technologies into an IoT Box for securing access to the PLCs

Developed by WALLIX Group, WALLIX Inside allows industrial engineering specialists to manage identity and access between their solution and connected industrial machines to secure access to data in transit.

Schneider Electric, a long-standing partner of WALLIX, has integrated WALLIX’s “by design” technologies for securing identity and access directly into its new line of industrial PCs called Harmony P6. This i-PAM (Industrial Privileged Access Management) device is a plug & play secure connectivity solution for industrial PLC programming and for maintenance operations.

In particular, WALLIX Inside makes it possible to secure connection sessions on the Schneider Electric software tools that address production lines, especially the EcoStruxureTM Expert Control application for PLC programming.

Therefore, the connection of the operator (installer, programmer, etc.) to the PLCs will automatically go through WALLIX Inside, which provides authentication and verification of session rights. Depending on the information received, WALLIX Inside will be able to make the connection to the PLC itself with a non-accessible password that will be changed after use.

Industrial companies can thus:

  • protect their system by being the sole administrators and by controlling all connections, whether they are made on site or remotely via a VPN;
  • as administrators, give the necessary rights to a session so they can be troubleshooted remotely;
  • ensure the operator’s identity; and
  • follow the orders sent to the PLC in real or delayed time.

WALLIX Inside is also applicable on a heterogeneous industrial park of several sites, with many different brands and PLC versions.

Frédéric Petit, Marketing Manager for Industrial Automation Solutions and Services at Schneider Electric, says:We are going further in our partnership with WALLIX, with whom we developed the i-PAM offer in 2017, by integrating WALLIX Inside technologies into our industrial solutions on an ad hoc basis and as part of a great project. Today, we have taken up the challenge of integrating it directly into this new, high added value Harmony P6 offer, the production of which has just been launched.

A long-standing relationship to raise the security standards of companies

The strengthening of this partnership comes at a time when Covid-19 has accelerated the use of remote interventions on industrial assets, in particular to avoid physical contact on site. In addition to human error, connection sessions are increasingly affected by malicious acts, especially fostered by industrial systems interconnections with IP networks and IT systems. To ensure business continuity and asset resilience, WALLIX Inside technologies help reassure companies that the access to their IT infrastructure is protected anytime, anywhere. With WALLIX Inside, they can regain control of their access and allow installers to manage and secure connections, especially remote ones.

Kristine Kirchner, VP Channel EMEA at WALLIX, states:Our collaboration with Schneider Electric reflects our desire to speed up the current level of cybersecurity for industrial facilities and the path to Industry 4.0. The upsurge in cyber-attacks shows that companies using industrial systems face a real challenge in securing their access and connections, especially in terms of remote access. The collaboration between WALLIX and Schneider Electric is an example of the need to integrate cybersecurity technologies into industrial equipment, which is essential to Industry 4.0 in an increasingly digital world.

Yann Bourjault, Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity Manager at Schneider Electric, affirms:We are pleased to reinforce our 5-year relationship with WALLIX, which is the leader of the privileged access in Europe and has enabled us to achieve this common value proposition, based on our two complementary expertises. Our Network Engineering & Cybersecurity (NEC) team works on our digital transformation offers to make them as secure as possible and thus raise the security standards of French manufacturers.



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A software company providing cybersecurity solutions, WALLIX is the European specialist in Identity and Access Security Solutions. WALLIX’s unified solutions portfolio enables companies to respond to today’s data protection challenges. WALLIX solutions guarantee detection of and resilience to cyberattacks, which enables business continuity. The solutions also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements regarding access to IT infrastructures and critical data. The portfolio of unified solutions is distributed through a network of more than 180 resellers and integrators worldwide. Listed on the Euronext (ALLIX), WALLIX supports more than 1,200 organizations in securing their digital transformation. WALLIX is a founding member of the HEXATRUST group and has been included in the Futur40, the first ranking of growth companies on the stock exchange published by Forbes France, and is part of the Tech 40 index.

WALLIX affirms its digital responsibility and is committed to contributing to the construction of a trusted European digital space, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of data for organizations as well as for individuals concerned about the protection of their digital identity and privacy. Digital technology, whether for professional or personal use, must be ethical and responsible in order to pursue a secure societal digital transformation that respects individual freedoms. |



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