Unify, Secure, and Simplify User Access

Simplify and secure access to key business applications from a centralized platform. Protect strategic assets, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve user experience for both application users and administrators.

Identity Management Features

Gather your identity sources into a single identity referential to easily control access rights in one centralized location.

  • Support for Active Directory, Azure AD, LDAP directories, and Google G Suite directory
  • Import as many directories as needed into your WALLIX Trustelem platform
  • Complete or partial directory import, based on group membership and attribute filtering
  • Import of group memberships and user attributes to define proper access management policies

Provide users with a Single Sign-On experience to remove the burden of managing a different password for each target application and entering credentials again and again.

  • User dashboard displaying all applications to which the user has access rights
  • Integrated Windows Authentication and X.509 client certificates support to access the user dashboard with no login form
  • Identity federation through SAML, OpenID Connect, and OAuth protocols
  • Pre-integrated applications such as Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce and many others

Choose from an array of Multi-Factor Authentication mechanisms to fit the specific requirements of your different populations, because there is no one-size-fits-all MFA solution.

  • Trustelem Authenticator: a mobile application offering a strong authentication solution which is both secure and easy to use. Within network coverage, Trustelem Authenticator receives push notifications. When the device is offline, the application generates a 6-digit code. In addition to users locking their device, the application can be fingerprint-protected or require a four-digit PIN.
  • OTP over SMS authentication: a simple and practical solution, widely known by users in other contexts
  • FIDO 2 security devices: can be used through the WebAuthn protocol to implement multi-factor authentication based on USB or NFC physical keys. WALLIX Trustelem supports all FIDO2-compliant devices, including ANSSI-certified devices.
  • Google Authenticator or any RFC 6238-compliant OTP generation mobile application is supported by WALLIX Trustelem for multi-factor authentication

Offer users a self-service solution for simplifying and streamlining management of credentials.

  • Active Directory Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) allows users to re-initialize their Active Directory password independently, after re-authenticating with one or more add-on solutions such as the Trustelem Authenticator mobile app, an SMS, one or more secret questions, a link sent by email, or other solutions
  • The user dashboard suggests renewing the Active Directory password either spontaneously or upon expiration
  • Users are prompted with MFA enrollment procedures when they access their dashboard or a specific target application, so that enrollment is fully autonomous. Administrators control which user or group is prompted for auto-enrollment of the MFA solutions

Straightforward application integration

WALLIX Trustelem has pre-integrated a wide selection of business applications including Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, OwnCloud and NextCloud, Wordpress and many others to make Trustelem implementation simple. Access detailed documentation for each application for streamlined set-up.

App Documentation

Build quickly, run easily

WALLIX Trustelem is designed to make administration simple and intuitive.

The web-based administration console enables IT staff to easily set up directory synchronization, manage life cycles of external user accounts and applications, create and adapt access rules, monitor activity, and audit access security.

Admin Documentation

Security is your top concern

Keep control over your identities and data! The WALLIX Trustelem platform is hosted and operated by a trusted European cloud provider. Your data sovereignty and security are essential to ensure quality of service and to protect your company’s assets.

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