EvoLink SA is a major actor for the integration of security solutions, infrastructure or cloud computing solutions, software solutions, and telecommunication solutions on a market in perpetual evolution.
We work with approximately 1400 customers from all sectors.
With qualified staff in the branches we offer, our recognized know-how is a guarantee of quality, it allows us to provide the best solutions for each organization.
The analysis and global consideration of security risks and the integration of fundamental security solutions (« next-gen » firewalls, antimalware, patch management and vulnerability management, etc.) are very important. We also consider the human dimension of security by offering awareness and training programs for employees.
In addition to this, we are aware that traditional perimeter security models are obsolete.
Therefore, we are convinced of the merits of the Zero Trust model and we are working with Wallix to deploy this type of contemporary solution.

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Tel : 41217030303