Transforming Data into Knowledge: Top 5 WALLIX Webinars

Our modern, connected society generates vast amounts of information — by some estimates, over 90% of the data extant in the world was created over the last two years. And with the right systems in place, data turns into information that drives business intelligence and enables insightful decision-making. The uses are as endless as the data itself, enabling everything from ad targeting to Smart Cities, and transforming entire industries on the fly.

At WALLIX, we’re proud to be protectors of data – and proud of the tools we provide our customers around the world that help to keep their networks and assets secure. But we’re also proud to share the information we’ve learned with the world because regardless of whether you’re a WALLIX customer, more secure business networks and assets are something that benefits everybody.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some of our free webinars that will help you understand not only how you should be collecting data about the security of your network, but also how you can transform that data into actionable information of your own — and better secure your business in the process.

Privileged Accounts: The Most Powerful Backdoor Used by Hackers

Privileged accounts have access to network resources that other users do not. They may have the ability to directly access your company’s servers, for example, and to directly issue instructions to those servers via a command-line interface (CLI); or they may have access to sensitive company data that isn’t — and should never be — for general dissemination. In our Privileged Accounts: The Most Powerful Backdoor Used by Hackers webinar, you’ll learn more about

  • What privileged accounts are
  • Why they’re a favorite target of hackers
  • Why they can be so devastating to your business
  • What you can do to start locking down privileged accounts

Cybersecurity & Industry 4.0: Protecting the Industrial Sector

Industrial control systems (ICS) integrate hardware, software, and network connectivity to form the backbone of Industry 4.0. But a connected ICS poses cybersecurity challenges of its own, as well as a tempting target for hackers because of the high-value assets they can access and the potential damage they can cause. Watch our Cybersecurity & Industry 4.0: Protecting the Industrial Sector webinar and learn about

  • The threats facing the industrial sector and Industry 4.0
  • The challenges of implementing ICS cybersecurity
  • How to overcome cybersecurity challenges for your IT and operational technologies (OT)

PAM on the Move: Securing the Transportation Industry

As with industrial control systems for industry, the transportation industry is becoming increasingly reliant on a blend of hardware, software, and network connectivity in order to efficiently move people and goods around the world. Protecting these transportation systems is vital for both financial and public safety reasons — and that means that network and security administrators need to stay constantly on top of privileged access issues. In this webinar on securing the transportation industry, you’ll see

  • The cybersecurity challenges facing the transportation industry
  • The inside threat to transportation companies
  • How Privileged Access Management (PAM) deals with these threats
  • A real-world case study with challenges, solutions, and results

► PAM to the Rescue: Three Common Security Scenarios

Every business network has its own unique architecture and infrastructure. But every business faces cybersecurity issues that are common across all industries and architecture, and strong privileged access management can go a long way toward protecting against those issues — if you know what you’re protecting against. Watch this webinar on PAM and three common cybersecurity scenarios and see

  • How to manage grantin remote access to third-party providers
  • How to manage cybersecurity for a hybrid cloud architecture
  • How to stay compliant with HIPAA, NIST, SOX, and many other regulatory requirements
  • How PAM streamlines privileged access, password management, and session visibility

► Are You Compliant? Meet Complex Cybersecurity Regulations with PAM

Cybersecurity threats are real — and a variety of rules and regulations have been put into place around the world to deal with them. But with those regulations also comes a variety of compliance requirements that can be difficult to meet for companies without the proper systems in place, and that comes with severe penalties for companies that are found to not be in compliance. In this webinar on using PAM to meet complex cybersecurity regulations, you’ll learn about

  • Cybersecurity regulations and requirements, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more
  • Challenges facing cybersecurity
  • Data breach costs, and the benefits of compliance
  • How PAM works to improve both compliance and security

Sharing Knowledge, Increasing Security

As we’ve mentioned, we’re happy to make this information available for you to help you gain a better understanding of the current cybersecurity landscape and threats, and to enable you to make your own data-driven decisions about how privileged access management can help you meet those threats head-on. All of the webinars above are free, and just require a login with BrightTALK, but registration is quick and easy. And while you’re there, be sure and check out all of our great cybersecurity and PAM webinars, and start transforming data into knowledge — because the knowledge, as they say, is power.