” Privileged users, such as managers with access to sensitive information, pose the biggest insider threat to organisations (59 percent). “
Crowd Research Partners, Insider Threat Spotlight Report, 2015.

Gain Visibility and Control through Agentless
Privileged Session Management

In many organisations, privileged access is frequently granted but rarely revoked. WAB Session Manager not only lets you easily control which users have access to which resources, but can monitor their session activity, providing a comprehensive audit trail. By assigning each access to an actual identity, you can ensure that all users are accountable for their actions.

WAB Session Manager helps you to meet your IT security and compliance requirements without need for third party solutions.


Privileged account abuse is the #1 tactic for hackers and malicious insiders and was involved in 62% of recent major data breaches… Reduce your biggest security risks in a single day. Gain Visibility and Control on privileged accounts. Create an audit trail of every privileged user session.


Key benefits at a glance

Agentless managed and monitored privileged user access
Authorised-only access to any server, device or application on your network
User sessions viewed, monitored and alerted in real-time
Generation of comprehensive, accountable audit trials
Cost savings from avoiding the use of additional third party software licences

WAB Session Manager

Real time monitoring and alerting

WAB Session Manager allows security teams and admins to monitor privileged user sessions in real-time and can be configured to intervene automatically when user access policies are breached.

Authorisation workflow

WAB Session Manager makes it extremely simple to authorise and control temporary access to a critical resource. You can respond to specific requests from external service providers or allow a temporary increase of privileges for one of your administrators in just a couple of clicks.

Optical Character Recognition engine

The comprehensive, accountable logs produced by WAB Session Manager are understandable thanks to our optical character recognition (OCR) engine. OCR means that every click and command-line entry is recorded, taking your audit trail beyond simple event logging to actionable intelligence that can be made available to your SIEM solution.

RDP / SSH Access control

With a simple set of rules, you have full control over how, when, and by whom, access is made through the native RDP / SSH tools. These rules are defined according to specific criteria such as IP address, e-mail, log-in, authorised time frames, type of session (interactive, file transfer, clipboard etc.), or protocol. Sessions can then be initiated instantly or through workflow requests.

Compliance and audit

In the event of an audit or incident, administrators can easily pinpoint the user identity and session duration for any server log-in. All actions performed on target devices can be recorded as video – Flash format for Windows Terminal Server (RDP) & VNC graphic sessions, and in text format for command-line sessions (SSH, Telnet). Integrated reporting is also included.

With 100% accountability, this improvement in auditing and internal control of IT operations will help you manage risk and achieve regulatory compliance.

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