London, UK, 21 September 2015 – Privileged access management is emerging as the de facto means of securing and centralising access to an organisation’s most precious data. But as the number of systems being managed in this way increases, so does the number of users needing access, which increases the level of risk (and complexity) for multiple sites and networks.

To simplify this process, Wallix has today (21st of September) launched WAB Access Manager (WAM), the IT industry’s first dedicated web portal that acts as a single ‘pane of glass’ providing  access to all the systems of a multi-site IT infrastructure; thereby delivering true multi-tenancy for organisations with global IT functions or even entirely separate networks. By adopting a single, easy-to-use, portal, these organisations will be able to accelerate the deployment of privileged access management to more systems and users thereby offering them improved system management and security.

Commenting on the new company’s product, Jean-Noel De Galzain, CEO of WALLIX said, “With the market for privileged access management growing by over 30% in the last year1, more businesses than ever – including cloud providers – are using administrative gateways to secure and centralise access to IT infrastructure housing precious data. But it’s vital to ensure the very best in usability from a simple and centralised solution.  This offers the added advantage that those users that have been granted privileged access can log in securely from any device and have the same effective user experience”.

Giving system access to contractors and third-party vendors is made simpler and more secure using WAB Access Manager. Very little experience of the solution is required as the intuitive “One-Click” portal is straightforward to navigate and offers a single point of access. Extensive customisation options also makes WAB Access Manager ideal for cloud providers, especially those who need to deliver on-demand solutions for privileged access management that’s tailored to each of their client’s environments.

Leading IT security analyst Martin Kuppinger says, “Privileged access management has entered organizations and is now in a phase of deployment and broad adaptation. Every organisation needs to be ready to facilitate this movement. WAB Access Manager is a product that should be evaluated by corporations and cloud providers when putting together the building blocks for implementing the privileged access management strategy.” WAB Access Manager works in combination with deployments of WALLIX Admin Bastion (WAB). By creating a single portal, Access Manager doesn’t just enable multi-tenancy but allows for high availability and load balancing in the background.

To further maximise usability, WAB Access Manager allows access to any managed system using HTML5, so it works easily with tablets and smartphones. Users don’t even need to download and install separate software.

For auditing, WAB Access Manager is also able to consolidate session recordings and activity trails from every network and system to create reports that help monitor access and prove regulatory compliance.

WAB Access Manager allows users to get rid of VPNs to remotely access servers and other devices increasing usability and productivity for organizations.

WAB Access Manager allows businesses to secure IT infrastructure, on premise or in the cloud with full control of privileged accesses and users. Designed for the optimal user experience this central portal has the potential to transform how secured remote access is used every day.

1Gartner Market Guide for Privileged Access Management, 27 May 2015

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WALLIX launches WAB Access Manager. Brings to market true multi-tenancy for managing privileged users