“By 2017, more stringent regulations around control of privileged access will lead to a rise of 40% in fines and penalties imposed by regulatory bodies on organizations with deficient PAM controls that have been breached.” Gartner PAM Market Guide, 2015


All-in-one certified solution

Single platform for password and session management


Complete visibility

Monitor, record and trace all privileged session activity


Guaranteed user adoption

Remote access as usual


Unobstrusive & rapid deployment

No intrusive agents or performance impact

What is
a privileged user ?

Privileged users are those who have elevated rights to your IT infrastructure. They might be internal system administrators or external service providers responsible for the remote management or maintenance of systems. 

Either way, as the risks surrounding your sensitive and confidential information increase, you need to make sure you can manage this privileged access.


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Traditionally privileged access to systems has been a right of those who need to maintain or support IT infrastructure. As these systems may contain sensitive or personal information, better security and auditing of this kind of activity is absolutely essential.

Visibility and control on
Privileged Accounts and Users
is key for your IT Security

With the recent proliferation of targeted attacks, and the numerous risks associated with increased usage of external application hosting and cloud services, the demand for Privileged Access Management (PAM) has grown dramatically worldwide.

Specifically, organisations are increasingly seeking to simplify password management, consolidate their information security policies, secure access to sensitive data and systems, and manage in real-time the activity of their privileged users’, whether internal or external to the organisation.

Furthermore, businesses are looking for solutions that are easy to deploy, that fit their specific needs, and and which are backed by a range of professional support services.

The Wallix Way:
Reducing your Biggest Security Risks In a Single Day

At WALLIX, we believe that the value of a software solution lies as much in its ease of deployment, adoption and usage, as with its functional and technological capabilities.



Privileged account abuse is the #1 tactic for hackers and malicious insiders and was involved in 62% of recent major data breaches… Reduce your biggest security risks in a single day. Gain Visibility and Control on privileged accounts. Create an audit trail of every privileged user session.

WALLIX AdminBastion (WAB) Suite has therefore been designed not only to give you complete visibility to privileged users activity and so, cover all risks relating to your privileged access, but to do so in the simplest, most intuitive way thanks to an unobstrusive and rapid deployment and to a guaranteed user adoption. . You are ensured that business challenges are addressed in the shortest possible time and with minimal disruption to existing work-flows.

Acting as a single gateway for privileged access to all your key systems, WAB Suite is an All-In-One Certified Solution comprising three key components: Password Manager, Session Manager and Access Manager. With deployment typically completed in less than day, these three solutions ensure that only the right users have access to the right resources at the right time, greatly reducing the risk of security breach, while maximizing business productivity.

Certified privileged access management
all in one software

The French (ANSSI) and Russian (FSTEK) public information security agencies award CSPN certifications (CSPN for France), following an audit by their approved assessment centre, solely to solutions that pass its vulnerability tests and whose cryptographic modules comply with their Security Framework, which are an essential criterion for public authorities and public companies.

Certifications & Awards

These certifications are a useful benchmark for IT Directors, Information Security Managers and Risk & Compliance Managers who must choose from the many commercially-available solutions and so need information on the products’ security and compliance with the standards defined by the manufacturers’ independent governing bodies.







WAB Password Manager
Privileged Password Management

Reduces the risk posed by shared administrative accounts, local accounts, or database admin accounts, by centrally storing these credentials in a certified vault. Users never need to see or know…


WAB Session Manager
Privileged Session Management

Manages and monitors all access by privileged users to any server, device or application on your network. Session Manager can monitor and alert in real-time, as well as creating …


WAB Access Manager
Multi-Tenancy Portal

To enable privileged access management across multiple sites, customers or networks, WAB Access Manager provides a single web portal through which users can access all the resources they need…


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