“Privileged user threats, such as administrators or privileged users accessing data they should not, occur monthly at 55.6% of organizations with the average company experiencing 2.8 each month.”
Crowd Research Partners, Insider Threat Spotlight Report, 2015.

How to address the challenge of
shared accounts password management

One of the biggest risks to the security of your IT infrastructure arises from the sharing of privileged user accounts. Simply put, the more people who are granted privileged access, the greater the risk of that access being misused – either accidentally, or with malicious intent.

Shared accounts also dramatically reduce admin productivity, since each user must securely store, and then accurately enter, multiple complex, and frequently changing passwords, just to carry out their daily tasks.

Managing these passwords securely, even for small numbers of privileged users is very resource intensive, and quickly becomes unworkable as your organization grows.


Privileged account abuse is the #1 tactic for hackers and malicious insiders and was involved in 62% of recent major data breaches… Reduce your biggest security risks in a single day. Gain Visibility and Control on privileged accounts. Create an audit trail of every privileged user session.

WALLIX AdminBastion
Password Manager in depth

To reduce the risks posed by shared administrative accounts, local accounts or database admin accounts, WAB Password Manager stores these credentials in a certified vault, where they can be centrally managed (generated, hidden, revealed, or changed) from a single console. And since these critical passwords need never be revealed to your privileged users, they can be automatically randomized to long, complex strings in order to increase their security.

Key benefits at a glance

Fast, simple deployment with no disruption of existing access
Immediate increase in admin productivity
Protection of sensitive credentials in a certified vault
Automated management and cycling of passwords
Full control and tracking of credential visibility
Eliminate direct access to all systems
Eliminate unauthorized elevation of privileged rights

WAB Password Manager

Certified Vault

ANSSI (FR) and FSTEK (RU) have certified WAB Password Manager Vault, following an audit by an approved assessment centre. These certifications are awarded only to solutions that pass their vulnerability tests and whose cryptographic modules comply with their framework, which is an essential criterion for public authorities and public companies.

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