Remote maintenance and external service providers:
how to reduce the risks of security breach ?

81% of companies outsource part of their operations to external service providers
90% have been victims of at least one security breach in the last 12 months
18% of major security breaches were attributed to an external service provider.

(Price Waterhouse Coopers Study 2015)

Outsourcers, systems integrators, consultants and others with varied skills and areas of expertise have access to your information system via privileged accounts, exposing your company to various risks such as leakage, loss or theft of data, these actions breed a potential vulnerability or exposure to human error.

WALLIX will be hosting a 45-minute webinar on the best practices to reduce the risks of security breach. Our expert, Grant Burst, will explain how privileged access management can help control external provider’s access, provide visibility on their activity and detect suspicious behaviors.

Webinar – Remote maintenance
and external providers :
reduce the risks of security breach

January 26th, 2017

11:00 – 11:45am (CET)

Don’t worry, if you can’t attend the webinar at the scheduled time register anyway and we will provide a link so you can watch it whenever it fits into your schedule.