Insider threat mitigation
through privileged access management

  “A study undertaken last year shows that 55% of all cyber-attacks were carried out by people who had privileged access to an organisation’s IT system. “ IBM’s 2015 Cyber Security Intelligence Index


Can you monitor and investigate
privileged user access ?

The actions of an individual accessing and taking data from inside an organisation while only operating with what was defined as “low-level” access must make businesses reconsider how access to systems is controlled and monitored. It’s almost impossible to attempt to identify every motivation that could drive an insider to act against an organisation they’re part of. That said, we do have enough evidence from our entire human history to know that generally it will come down to these three: money, ego, ideology.

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What is insider threat in IT security ?

These vulnerabilities are caused by weaknesses in the control and monitoring of the privileged accounts that are made available to administrators, super users and external service providers. Shared accounts and negligent passwords make it particularly difficult to revoke access for users who no longer need it.
Irrespective of the size of the organisation, this area represents the greatest risk to its cyber-security. Information security professionals are facing a loss of control over an ever-growing number of users with privileges for which they are unable to monitor usage.

 How Privileged Access Management
can help mitigate insider threats?

Privileged Access Management (or PAM) is a suite of integrated technologies designed to mitigate the inherent risks associated with the privileged user accounts of administrators and super-users. By providing full control and visibility of the sensitive, daily tasks of such personnel, an effective PAM solution can greatly reduce the risk of attack, while helping to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Key benefits of Privileged Access Management

Secure privileged passwords in a certified vault, allowing you to hide or reveal, to generate or change target passwords with full confidentiality
Ensure that only authorised users are able to access powerful privileged accounts
Prevent users from being able to elevate privileges without authorisation
Establish strict accountability over the use of privileged accounts by tracking who accessed what accounts and what actions were taken
Improve forensic analysis and contributes to regulatory compliance by generating a detailed, tamper-proof audit trail of all privileged account activity
Rapidly detect and alert on anomalous activity that could signal an inside attack in-progress

The Wallix Privileged
Access Management solution

At Wallix, we think that the value of a software solution lies as much in its functional and technological capabilities as in its ability to be deployed, adopted and used efficiently. Our solution, Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) Suite covers all risks relating to your privileged access in the minimum time possible. It’s this combination of two factors: reducing risk and ease of deployment that make our approach one that’s engineered to help address your business challenge in the shortest possible time.

Wallix AdminBastion solution is deployed in days

The WAB Suite is an easily adopted solution that helps combat internal threats without disrupting the daily users. For example, it is possible to filter a number of commands and to “black-list” chains of prohibited characters for a specific target account or user. Once such a black-listed string of characters is detected, an email alert is sent and if necessary, the session is automatically disconnected. Similarly, alerts can be issued when specific servers or critical data are accessed, allowing the administrator to suspend any live sessions that don’t appear legitimate.

Wallix accelerates adoption of Privileged Account Management

Through a certified vault securing target account passwords and a centralised authentication module, WAB Suite allows limited dissemination internally and externally, with users connecting directly via the WAB portal with their own password. With no need for an intrusive agent to be installed, the solution also monitors and records the access and sessions to every target system (Windows, UNIX, Linux servers, Network devices, etc.). It enables, through cold analysis (forensics), the identification of suspicious events, together with their causes and authors.

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Can you protect your business from external attacks? Do you know how vendors are using the credentials for your network? Do you meet your industry compliance requirements?
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