External threat
mitigation through privileged users management

“Because attackers may circumvent preventative controls, detection and response capabilities are becoming increasingly critical. “ Gartner, 2016 Planning Guide for Security and Risk Management


Can you protect
your business from hackers ?

In any digital environment, the volume of sensitive information stored by businesses has exploded:

payment data, customer information, personal health files, confidential personnel information, etc. All of these can have countless value, they attract the covetousness of hackers or even competing organisations.

Motivated by recognition or financial reward, spectacular cyber-attacks make the headlines, causing considerable damage to a brands image, plus an immediate and economic impact. How can companies address this threat?

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What is the link between
privileged users and computer attacks?

To be wholly compliant with recognised standards and regulatory requirements and to protect their valuable information from hackers, companies progressively invest in increasing their external security posture. Securing online data often comes first, encryption or perimeter security (antivirus, firewall etc.).

However, with the increase of breaches and the frequency of attacks faced by companies today, these solutions can often expose weaknesses. Once the breach has been exploited, ill-intentioned users will primarily take control of privileged accounts, giving themselves extended exposure to your core information and systems. It may even happen years before you are aware that your privileged accounts have been compromised! In this sense, external attacks then go hand in hand with internal threats posed by employees or external service providers with varying levels of rights on network devices connected to your core information systems.

mitigate external attacks privileged access management

Here comes Privileged Access Management (or PAM)

This set of technologies is designed to mitigate the inherent risks associated with the privileged user accounts of administrators and super-users. By providing full control and visibility of the sensitive, daily tasks of such personnel, an effective PAM solution can greatly reduce the risk of attack, while helping to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Privileged Access Management Solutions

Secure privileged passwords in a certified vault, allowing you to hide or reveal, to generate or change target passwords with full confidentiality
Ensure that only authorised users are able to access powerful privileged accounts.
Prevent users from being able to elevate privileges without authorisation
Establish strict accountability over the use of privileged accounts by tracking who accessed what accounts and what actions were taken
Improve forensic analysis and contributes to regulatory compliance by generating a detailed, tamper-proof audit trail of all privileged account activity
Rapidly detect and alert on abnormal activity that could signal an inside attack in-progress

Mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks
with WALLIX AdminBastion Suite

Investing, solely in a robust perimeter and securing connected devices, still makes it possible a security flaw can be exploited by hackers. To limit the impact of these potential intrusions or identifying unusual or malicious actions, securing and monitoring access to privileged accounts becomes a line of major defense for all companies.

Deployed in just a few days, the Wallix AdminBastion Suite meets these challenges without negatively impacting the daily activities of internal users and of IT operations. For example, it is possible to filter out a number of commands and establish a ‘black-list” of prohibited character strings, which may be specific to a target account or user. Whenever a string contained in the black-list is detected, an alert email will be sent with automatic disconnection of the session if it is deemed necessary. In the same way, alerts may be issued in the event of access to servers or critical information, enabling the WAB administrator to suspend live sessions if they seem illegitimate.

Rely on an all-in-one privileged users management software
to secure your IT infrastructure

Through a centralised authentication module and an embedded certified vault securing each account target passwords, WAB Suite can also limit spread internally and externally: the users connect through their WAB Access Manager Portal with no need of target password.

WAB Suite also allows administrators to save the recording of required sessions, which can be analysed to determine the operations performed on target devices, and thus to identify suspicious events. WAB suite is a complete solution enabling businesses to protect themselves against a multitude of attacks, by securing and monitoring account privileges.

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