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Traceability for auditing & compliance

WALLIX AdminBastion tracks all connections and actions performed on your devices by IT teams as well as external service providers. And using the WAB console you can view the connection logs and user logins in real-time.


WALLIX AdminBastion also provides a list of currently active sessions in real-time. In the event of an audit or incident, administrators can easily see who logged on to which server and for how long. Actions performed on target devices can be recorded in Flash Video format for Windows Terminal Server (RDP) & VNC graphic sessions, and in text format for activities performed during command line sessions (SSH, Telnet).

In the event of a security incident or audit, Wallix AdminBastion now makes it possible for you to trace back to the origin of the problem as well as provide reports proving that critical data is protected and access to it supervised.

connection history

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Home / Products / WALLIX ADMINBASTION / Traceability, Audit & Compliance
Home / Products / WALLIX ADMINBASTION / Traceability, Audit & Compliance