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Real-time supervision

The WAB alerts you to any attempt to connect to a device identified as critical, when a WAB log-in fails or when an automatic log-in to a target account fails.

Any account can be identified as "critical", for example the "root" or "administrator" accounts on the server hosting financial applications. If a user logs onto a "critical" account, an alert email is sent to a pre-determined individual, informing him/her of the connection to this critical account. The administrator can then allow the connection, view the connection in real time or block the connection through the Wallix AdminBastion Web administration interface.

Moreover, the viewing of SSH and RDP sessions in real time means that administrators can meet the requirements of the "Four eyes" principle.


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Home / Products / WALLIX ADMINBASTION / Real-time supervision
Home / Products / WALLIX ADMINBASTION / Real-time supervision