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Password management

According to a recent study of a large IT services company, more than 30% of the passwords active for their servers belonged to users who should no longer have access rights to those servers!

A centralised solution is the answer to the challenges of password management policies for an organisation's IT system. While directories (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.) might seem a satisfactory solution on paper, they have two significant limitations: old devices are not necessarily compatible with directory-based authentication, and directories are generally input for internal users (link with HR files), but do not allow for management of external service providers.


Creating and deleting access rights are greatly simplified with the Wallix AdminBastion. As soon as an employee leaves the company or an external service provider completes their engagement, Wallix AdminBastion disables the passwords to deny any possibility of future access to the information system. Wallix AdminBastion protects your information system from unauthorised access attempts or misuse of critical data in your system.

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