Strong Authentication for Uncompromised Security

WALLIX Authenticator offers strong, multi-factor authentication to protect access to IT, applications, and data, with a high-security connection wherever you are.

Zero Trust Security

The zero-trust principle requires proof of identity to enable access wherever you are. Prevent unauthorized access, reduce data breaches, and mitigate the risk of lateral movement to protect the entire IT environment without any technical constraints for users.

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Easy Integration with the WALLIX Solutions Suite

Complete the WALLIX Bastion PAM solution and gain even stronger security for remote access via the WALLIX Access Manager. Integrate MFA with the WALLIX Trustelem SSO platform to benefit from contextual and adaptative authentication.

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Secure Remote Access

Confirm the identity of your employees, partners, and contractors no matter where they are and reduce the risk of stolen passwords from phishing or other attack methods. Security made easy for remote workers and all digital interactions!

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WALLIX Authenticator

Simplified Customer Experience

Easy to use with frictionless and consistent user experience.
One unique Customer Success entry point. We take care of everything!

Technical Support

End-to-End Certified Solutions

Achieve compliance with security regulations including GDPR and CCPA.
Gain the value of a complete end-to-end WALLIX solution, CSPN certified by ANSII.

Audit & Compliance

Native Integration

Powered by WALLIX technologies, WALLIX Authenticator is designed for native integration with the WALLIX security suite.
Secure all applications with a unique combination of dynamic random keys technology and HSM

WALLIX Solutions

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Discover more about strong multi-factor authentication with a live demo of WALLIX Authenticator MFA

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