Privileged Access in the Cloud: For Identity Governance

With data breaches on the rise and compliance requirements becoming more stringent, organizations need more than ever to be able to control all identities and rights granted, especially when it comes to privileged access to IT resources.

In this context, cybersecurity experts agree that organizations should implement access and rights management in a multi-cloud, multi-hybrid environment.

WALLIX, the European leader in access and identity security, and KLEVERWARE, the specialist in identity and access governance, offer administrators a solution to implement a secure global policy to control identities and authorize access to sensitive assets in the cloud.

How to identify and remove unused or excessive privileges in multi-cloud infrastructures? What rights discovery features should be used? How to reduce risk and implement a Segregation of Duties (SOD) strategy in a cloud environment?

Listen in on this webinar to explore the benefits of identity governance to strengthen Cloud access security and discover specific use cases!