NIS 2 Directive Unpacked: All you need to know

While the introduction of the EU Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS Directive) in 2016 was a significant milestone with regard to European cybersecurity awareness, the assessment of this Directive revealed shortcomings, and it has become imperative to adjust this legal framework to fast-evolving cyber threats and technologies.

The NIS 2 Directive, which updates the 2016 NIS Directive, aims at modernizing the EU cybersecurity legal framework, taking into account the increased digitization of the internal market and the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. This new Directive plays a pivotal role in establishing a comprehensive framework to tackle the evolving challenges posed by cybersecurity. Positioned as a crucial component of the EU’s cybersecurity strategy, the NIS2 Directive aims to bolster the resilience of critical infrastructure and digital services.

Effectively navigating the intricate legal landscape of the NIS2 Directive necessitates a nuanced understanding of both legal and technical aspects, demanding a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

To bridge this gap, Steptoe and Wallix have synergized their respective regulatory and technical knowledge, presenting a comprehensive guide on achieving compliance with the NIS2 Directive.

In this White Paper, we discuss the NIS2 Directive, translating the legal requirements into tangible action points. We also provide a roadmap with practical steps, empowering organizations in their compliance endeavors and their governance process to level up their cybersecurity.

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