European Spallation Source (ESS) chooses PAM4OT to secure remote access


Considered one of the largest science and technology infrastructures being built today, European Spallation Source (ESS) is a multi-disciplinary research facility based on the world’s most powerful neutron source.

Located in Lund, Sweden, the construction of ESS started in 2014 and the facility will be in steady state operations in 2025.


> ESS is a multi-disciplinary research infrastructure

> 3,000 visiting scientists annually

> 13 member countries

> 100+ partner laboratories worldwide


> Securing access to all sensitive equipment

> Remotely managing machine installation and control

> Up to 250 resources to protect

> Meeting Swedish radiation safety standards



A maximum level of safety required in a strict regulatory context.

ESS will provide unique scientific opportunities for materials research, and every year the facility will receive up to 3,000 visiting researchers coming from all over the world, to conduct their scientific experiments within a wide range of research fields.‍When producing neutrons for research in the spallation process, ionising radiation will be generated. For this reason, ESS is overseen by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), requiring a maximum level of safety to protect people working onsite as well as controlled access to the infrastructure.‍In that strict regulatory context, one of the missions of the ESS Integrated Control System (ICS) is to control access security to all machines to ensure complete control of the different parts of the research facility, including the particle accelerator, the target wheel, and the neutron instruments. ESS’s engineers and external partners also need to be able to control the installation, monitor, and perform maintenance of the equipment remotely and safely.‍In addition, there is an increase in the number of external partners and consequently a surge in requests for remote access to technical components at the facility.



PAM4OT to secure access for scientists and external providers.

After carrying out proof of concept tests, ESS decided to deploy PAM4OT to secure access for scientists and external providers. Whether it is to develop and program security automation or to simply follow operations through control screens, researchers and subcontractors must go through the Access Manager to connect to workstations.‍The Session Manager allows not only to manage access to sensitive equipment, but also to automate the approval workflow. This process was particularly appreciated at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, given that remote work became the norm for most teams at the research facility. When an engineer needs to make configuration changes on a specific equipment, they have the ability to make a session request as soon as they log into PAM4OT, which is automatically sent to the control room for approval.‍With PAM4OT, the ESS ICS team can guarantee secure control of all access to equipment, whether it is in advanced testing or already in operation.



Operational efficiency guaranteed.

> Reinforced security of access to highly sensitive equipment

> Simplified access permissions with a smooth approval workflow

> Time saved thanks to process automation

> Improved autonomy thanks to remote access control

> Compliance with the Swedish radiation safety authority’s requirements


Trace identity and access on industrial controls


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