Bad security practices for file sharing are commonplace.

OT environments often include terminals without any Internet connection. Operators are required to transfer files (updates, projects, software, etc.) from remote sources (shared servers or copy/paste). These operations are common and contribute to promoting the convergence of IT/OT. When no connection to IT is available, operators resort to insecure removable media to transfer data (such as USB flash drives which are proven to be risky as often found to spread malware).



Protect against malicious file uploads.

It is recommended to couple the Privilege Access Management tool with an antivirus and provide a dedicated interface for file transfer or transparent copy/paste. Such solution is offered by PAM4OT offering a cut-off point for IT/OT exchanges.



Enforce controls for file transfers without operational impact.

Keeping visibility and control of data is critical for any business. In the industrial sector data visibility and enforced controls for data sharing are a crucial part of the security strategy. PAM4OT provides a secure by design operational process and enhances collaboration between team members and hence avoiding poor security practices and unauthorized workaround.

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