Empower the Digital Transformation with Secure Remote Access

In the modern IT environment, organizations need to enable external access to their information systems for service providers and remote employees alike. Digital transformation is a priority for many enterprises, increasing the use of external and remote access to enable it and reap its benefits.

Externalization facilitates virtual collaboration and flexibility, but it also presents organizations with a new set of challenges and risks to access security.

When IT services or resources are accessed remotely, from outside the corporate security perimeter, issues of cybersecurity compliance, managing privileged access, and moving security from the perimeter to the endpoint all come into play.

To leverage the opportunities that remote access offers in driving digital transformation, organizations must employ a robust access security framework that incorporates a strong PAM (Privileged Access Management) solution and an EPM (Endpoint Privilege Management) solution. By securing remote access for external providers and remote employees alike, organizations can advance towards a secure digital future.


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