No-Code applications allow for the rapid development and deployment of applications,enabling organizations to quickly process sensitive data. Furthermore, NoCode applications can be easily customized and adapted to meet specific business needs, making them ideal for processing sensitive data that may have unique requirements. RASAD project aims to deliver a no-code platform with extra hardened embedded and user-understandable security. This allows secure infrastructure, public law enforcement, confidential businesses, and security services to rapidly develop secure applications without writing a single line of code.

This document focuses on the inclusion of the Multi-Factor Authentication feature in the NoCode-X platform. It will expose the framework and the reasons that motivate these challenging efforts: The emergence and importance of no-code today for the Digital transition of organizations and the need for strongly secure authentication schemes that allows integration with multiple systems and machines. Finally, we shall present how the RASAD project will develop this new no-code platform and evaluate it in a real context by supporting a demonstrator used by the Municipality of Koksijde, a partner of the project.

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