• WALLIX and Kleverware, the European pioneer and specialist in access and digital identity governance, have signed a technological alliance to strengthen the security of cloud infrastructures.
  • By integrating their technologies, WALLIX and Kleverware offer a complete CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) solution that maps, manages, and secures all access – human or machine – to IT resources used by organizations’ cloud services.
  • As a result, WALLIX and Kleverware ensure the protection of data hosted in the cloud, detection and resilience to cyberattacks, business continuity of cloud services, and compliance with cybersecurity regulations.

Paris, March 28, 2023WALLIX, (Euronext ALLIX) a European cybersecurity software provider and expert in digital access and identity solutions, and Kleverware, the European pioneer and specialist in digital access and identity governance, have signed a technological alliance to strengthen the security of cloud infrastructures. By integrating their technologies, WALLIX and Kleverware offer a complete solution that maps, manages, and secures all access – whether human or machine – to IT resources (data, software…) used by cloud services (applications, storage…) subscribed by organizations. Thus, WALLIX and Kleverware ensure the protection of data hosted in the cloud, the detection and resilience to cyberattacks, the business continuity of cloud services, and compliance with cybersecurity regulations.

Cloud services are booming…

With the pandemic, organizations around the world have experienced an acceleration of their digital transformation. To ensure business continuity, organizations have turned, among other things, to cloud services that enable remote and collaborative work (data storage and sharing, software accessible from a web application, etc.). After the pandemic, the use of cloud services has become widespread. Indeed, cloud services offer many advantages in addition to facilitating remote work: agility, flexibility, cost reduction, and performance. Consequently, the market for cloud services is booming. According to the analyst firm Gartner, this market is growing by more than 20% over last year and is estimated to be worth $600 billion by 2023.

… but increase the cyber risk for organizations

This massive increase in the use of cloud services considerably increases the cyber risk for organizations. Indeed, by using a cloud provider – several in the context of a multi-cloud policy – organizations multiply the locations where their often-critical IT resources are located. And the fact that there are so many locations makes it essential to protect the access of users of these cloud services (employees, suppliers, customers, partners, terminals, connected objects, applications, etc.). Moreover, to implement, operate, and maintain these cloud services, the number of users – human or machine – who have access to the cloud provider’s IT infrastructures, and therefore to the organizations’ resources, is numerous. This represents a multitude of access that must be managed to ensure that no user can access more resources than necessary. This drastically reduces the risk of malicious intent and prevents the spread of a cyberattack in the event of identity theft.

The answer: Combining the skills of WALLIX and Kleverware to offer a complete solution

Without an appropriate solution, access rights management becomes a real headache for organizations. This is why WALLIX, an expert in PAM (Privileged Access Management), and Kleverware, an expert in IAG (Identity & Access Governance), combine their skills to offer organizations a CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) solution.

This solution will continuously monitor the access rights of users who have access to cloud infrastructure resources. It will make it possible to know who is authorized to access what, from where, and why. And, above all, it will ensure that users have the rights they are supposed to have, according to their profile. In particular, it will:

  • Map the resources in the cloud
  • Visualize the users of these resources and their access rights
  • Identify sensitive users (privileged accounts) and secure their access
  • Record sessions of sensitive users to guarantee the traceability of their actions
  • Apply the principle of least privilege for all other users (minimum permissions required to perform their predefined tasks)
  • Ensure that users are authorized to perform the task according to their profile and for a given period
  • Trigger an alert in case of suspected identity theft or internal maliciousness and cut off access

WALLIX and Kleverware thus help organizations to strengthen cloud cybersecurity based on robust governance of digital identities and access while ensuring regulatory compliance (RGPD, NIS2…).

With this strategic alliance, recognized experts in their respective fields naturally join forces so that organizations can accelerate their digital transformation. Our duty is to help them reduce cyber risk, while increasing their governance capacity. Today, our complementary technologies will serve to build a more secure world that meets the aspirations of companies, while allowing them to better respond to standards and regulations,” explains Bertrand Augé, CEO of Kleverware.

This strategic alliance is part of our ambition to build a responsible digital world, guaranteeing data protection and privacy. At a time when the GAFAMs are capturing two thirds of the world’s turnover, it is time for interoperability. We, the European cybersecurity industry, have the power to make our technologies a cybersecurity standard for the whole world. We must work together to create a powerful offering that applies to all digital providers. In this way, organizations will no longer have to choose between performance and cybersecurity, they will evolve in a digital world secured by design, by our technologies,” says Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO and founder of WALLIX.


Kleverware, a French editor, has been a forerunner in the field of identity and access governance since 2005. With its innovations and the recognition of the market by obtaining labels (France Cybersecurity, Bpifrance Excellence…), Kleverware demonstrates the innovation and robustness of its solutions. For years, these solutions have been used by big names in the banking, insurance, and retail industries to audit hundreds of thousands of rights every day.



WALLIX is the European specialist in access and digital identity security and the world leader in PAM (Privileged Access Management). Its technologies enable organizations to meet today’s challenges in IT network protection and data security. They also provide detection and resilience to cyberattacks and protect organizations’ digital assets in addition to maintaining business continuity of IT systems, in the cloud, and in industrial networks. These technologies simplify compliance with regulatory requirements for access to critical IT infrastructure and data. With its PAM4ALL, PAM4OT, and Trustelem solutions, WALLIX helps its customers modernize their information systems and put cybersecurity at the service of their digital transformation. The company relies on a network of certified distributors, resellers, and integrators to support more than 2,000 organizations worldwide in all sectors of the economy. The company is listed on Euronext (ALLIX). The founders and managers, as well as the investment structure Thierry Dassault Holding are the historical reference shareholders.

OT.security by WALLIX is a brand dedicated to the security of digital access and identities in industrial environments.

WALLIX affirms its digital responsibility and is committed to contributing to the construction of a trusted European digital space, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of data for organizations as well as for individuals concerned about the protection of their digital identity and privacy. Digital technology, whether for professional or personal use, must be ethical and responsible in order to pursue a secure societal digital transformation that respects individual freedoms.

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