The Holy Grail of Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force for more than three years. It has provided Europe with a uniform legal framework for data protection. As Europeans, we can be proud that our reform has now set global standards. Many of our concepts are already being voluntarily applied by international companies around the world to increase data protection and data security.

Data protection must be practicable. We must enable companies to be compliant with data protection standards and secure on the one hand and to remain competitive on the other – in other words, to keep up with the latest and innovative technologies such as access management.

Trustworthiness can be only achieved if the products that are in use have been certified in a trusted way. InfoSec “Made in Europe” is therefore critically important – especially in current times, given the fact that the “Privacy Shield” regulation between USA and Europe is no longer in place. Data sharing currently is not regulated between these two continents.

Watch the webinar, and discover how this can be put into practice and how we can further develop the GDPR in a simple manner in order to strengthen data protection in Europe.