Simplify and enforce Cloud Access Control with WALLIX IDaaS

Businesses today rely on many different cloud services in order to operate in our modern online world. Using cloud services has its advantages but it also comes with a lot of asset management and security issues, especially if there is a variety of cloud applications used by multiple people in the organization.

Watch the replay of this webinar: “Unlocking Business Security: Enforcing Cloud Access Control with WALLIX IDaaS,” where we delve into the innovative capabilities of WALLIX IDaaS. As businesses have rapidly enabled cloud-based solutions, the urgency to bolster security and streamline access has never been greater. Inter Engineering introduces Trustelem, WALLIX’s IDaaS to address this challenge by centralizing authentication and access control within minutes. From mid-size enterprises to smaller setups, we’ll explore how Wallix IDaaS offers a seamless user experience with single sign-on and context-aware MFA to any cloud application.

Reimagine security in a digital world and allow us to show you how to convert a challenge into genuine business opportunities.

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