Secure, Control & Audit Privileged Session Activity

Monitoring and recording the activity of privileged users in your IT infrastructure is critical to protecting sensitive assets and complying with strict cybersecurity regulations.

With the WALLIX Bastion Session Manager, gain a real-time view of privileged user activity to monitor actions, record user sessions, and automatically terminate suspicious activity for enhanced threat detection and response. Ensure privileged session security with an easy-to-use and cost-effective Privileged Session Management solution increasing IT administrators’ productivity and enabling fast and easy control.

Complete Session Monitoring & Management

Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements with detailed audit and traceability for robust proof of compliance
Know precisely who did what on critical IT assets
Comply with GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, ISO 27001 and many more cybersecurity regulations requiring and unalterable trail of session logs

Real-Time Monitoring

Live session sharing enables IT admins to collaborate remotely, participate in training, to monitor system maintenance
Alerts and automated termination of suspicious activity or unauthorized attempts
Video recording and replay of all activity including clicks, keystrokes, and command line while connected to a privileged session to enable powerful search capabilities

Insider Threat & Zero Trust

Implement a Zero Trust policy with comprehensive session monitoring and management
Accelerate incident response and analysis with detailed logs and visibility
Integrate with security platforms, such as SIEM, IDS, and SOAR for deeper analysis

WALLIX Bastion Session Management

Manage access and activity of privileged users through comprehensive session monitoring and recording, including real-time alerting and session sharing for complete privileged session oversight

  • Meet compliance requirements (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST, etc.) with audit and tracing capabilities
  • Deploy rapidly into existing environments to optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Discover and manage privileged assets
  • Leverage a modern user interface with advanced components and design to improve workflows administration
  • Enable auditors to view privileged users’ activity in real time, interact, and to immediately kill malicious sessions in case of emergency with Session Sharing
  • Analytics and reporting of privileged accounts and their use
  • Provide automated sign-on for privileged access to prevent credentials being revealed
  • Monitor and record activity that can be for users in SSH or RDP but also in CLI or through API to SaaS or Cloud consoles
  • Protect against suspicious files thanks to integration with ICAP-based antivirus solutions, both in RDP and SFTP, SCP and WinSCP
  • Prevent a user from reconnecting after their session was terminated
  • Implement feature-rich approval workflows for strong control over activity with enforcement of privileged session duration, session uniqueness, and timeout management
  • Easily separate duties to enable dedicated supervisors to handle users while others manage access
  • Leverage video recording of all session activity (typed, clicked, and command line) and simplified search capabilities powered by WALLIX’s patented “session probe” technology
  • Real-time “4-Eyes” supervision and session sharing with keyboard and mouse between auditors and users
  • Connect with external password vaults
  • Protect against malicious activity with privilege elevation and delegation management.

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