Embrace the ever-expanding dimension of complexity

Digitalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution pose new challenges and call out for new innovative solutions.

OT systems were not initially designed to be secure, which makes them particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. Any compromise of industrial control systems can be extremely serious resulting in downtime, loss of production, health and safety risks and environmental impacts.

Today, access and identity are consumed by a wide range of stakeholders within and outside the company which proportionally increases the attack surface exposing all company resources to cyber threats. Everything from physical infrastructure to devices and applications become vulnerable, further weakened by enterprise mobility and collaboration trends. “Stakeholder management” is inevitably driving the adoption of Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies.

OT.security by WALLIX with its unmatched OT expertise and software certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency provides purpose-built solutions for industrial control systems, which embrace production constraints while offering optimum security.
When it comes to success metrics, production performance can be short-lived if not harnessed by robust cybersecurity.

This is why OT.security solutions protect increasingly exposed OT environments without impacting customer industrial and business processes.

Key benefits

Simplify operations

Guarantee availability

Maintain Productivity

Eliminate Risk

Address Compliance

Our solutions have been designed in a way to take into account users and processes, production needs and global constraints, sectoral imperatives and safety issues.
OT.security solutions foster fluid workflows for cybersecure identity and accesses to OT environment in all sectors: manufacturing, healthcare, smart and critical infrastructure.

Implement Zero Trust Security in OT Environments


Securing industrial operations

Secure any protocol, any access, local or remote without adversely impacting the production systems.

Critical infrastructure

When preserving resources is crucial

Reduce the risk across critical infrastructure by identifying threats and vulnerabilities, while also providing mitigation strategies.

Smart Infrastructure

Protecting sensitive shared or public services from cyber-risk

Smart cities improve the quality of life of citizens, but not at any price: cybersecurity solutions mitigate the negative implications associated with cyber-attacks and potential privacy invasion.


Healthcare For patient data privacy & service continuity

Improve patient safety and experience and augment efficiency and effectiveness of patient care.


“By bringing to the table our combined experience and expertise – WALLIX in privileged access management and Schneider Electric in industrial control systems (ICS) technology, we are able to offer a true third party access security solution for industrial production. We are proud to say that we have become the go-to integrator offering this reliable solution in OT environments.”

“The product works reliably and covers all our needs. As a large university hospital, we depend on a privileged access management solution and WALLIX meets our requirements exactly. The short communication paths to the manufacturer for support requests or when we need support with maintenance work can be emphasized as very positive. And if there is a problem with the application, which is very rare, the WALLIX team is always very quick to find a solution. We are very happy to have chosen Wallix.”

“The WALLIX Bastion and the WALLIX Access Manager fit very well with our requirements to allow privileged users and administrators to access our infrastructure.
Auditing of external service providers is possible with the solution completely according to our wishes.”

“After 5 years of use of WALLIX within my company, I have great feedback of its use. Use of Wallix permitted to enhance and secure our administration processes.”

“The company’s services work flawlessly and communication is simple and straightforward. Since the implementation, we have been using the WALLIX systems more and more intensively and have already enlarged them to cover all possibilities.”

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