Malevolent Malware: How to stop the infection with EPM

Revil, Ryuk, Emotet, TrickBot… You’ve most likely seen these malware names in recent headlines. Their sophisticated, constantly evolving operating methods make it impossible for traditional anti-virus to keep up.

With 5.6 billion malware attacks conducted in 2020, CISOs must be proactive and find innovative ways to block the intrusions and stop the damage from within.
How? By attacking their shared method of propagation: privilege abuse.

In this webinar, learn how implementing the principle of least privilege at endpoint level stops malware infections and prevents them from spreading. Our experts will use the example of Ryuk to explain at which key stages BestSafe, WALLIX’s Endpoint Privilege Management solution, acts to block the ransomware. They will conclude with a live demonstration of the solution.

Click here to watch the webinar.