Simplify access rights governance without compromising productivity, and while improving compliance!

With WALLIX IAG, regaining control over your access rights has never been quicker or easier!



In an ever more open and interconnected world, every right granted within your IT system serves as both an access point and an added vulnerability in case of malicious intent. To demonstrate the legitimacy of user rights to your auditors (Internal Control, Statutory Auditors), WALLIX IAG seamlessly integrates the process of conducting regular account and authorization reviews. With WALLIX IAG, you can create a comprehensive map of your organization's permissions, along with the corresponding user identities.

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WALLIX IAG allows you to effectively address a multitude of regulations (including SOX, LSF, Basel, PCI DSS, Solvency...) and security standards like ISO 27001, all while offering a robust, adaptable solution that can evolve alongside new regulations. WALLIX IAG simplifies the incorporation of new standards, enabling you to manage the inherent risks associated with your management applications, such as access to sensitive information and the potential for fraudulent activities. With WALLIX IAG, your organization can continuously validate its accounts, ensuring a clear understanding of 'who has access to what, how, and why' at all times.

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Thoroughly review your IT system authorizations, going beyond those formally declared in your management processes.


Your reporting is designed for your auditors. It is also designed for statutory auditors.


Work collaboratively. Engage all of your company's departments in the access review process.


Concentrate on high-risk scenarios! Tailor your campaign to address changes since the last review.

Effective Management Through Quality Reporting

WALLIX IAG provides comprehensive dashboards to facilitate efficient monitoring of your identity and access governance processes. Whether you’re tracking the advancement of rights review campaigns or tracking personnel changes (hires, departures, transfers), all reports are tailored to align with your needs.

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