Healthcare Cybersecurity, Compliance & Patient Data Security

In this period of high intensity, it is essential to provide healthcare organizations with the most efficient tools to guarantee the security of patient data and business continuity. In a effort to guide organizations in their data security policy, the NHS has recently released the Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit.

During this roundtable, our panel discusses the new challenges of a hyper-connected healthcare sector and shares cybersecurity best practices to meet the data security standards required by the NHS.

Simon Sleightholm of Northumbria Healthcare NHS and Furqan Hashmi of North East London Commissioning Support Unit share their experience in an open conversation about the main challenges they are facing today, including:

  • Becoming compliant with the DSP toolkit
  • Enabling secure remote access during COVID
  • Accelerating their digital transformation
  • Mitigating the usual business risks

Watch the webinar here.