Frictionless Least Privilege Access Made Simple

For those on a ‘Zero Trust Journey’, Britive & WALLIX have joined forces to create a simple, cost-effective way to implement a holistic ‘Least Privilege’ access control model which covers your entire IT estate, Private/Public Cloud infrastructure & apps, and Operational Technology (OT) computing environments. Learn how our combined solution can quickly help you significantly lower IT breach risk, become more compliant and positively affect your cyberinsurability.

  • Extend Privileged Access (PAM) & Entitlement Management across Datacenter, Cloud(s) & OT/IoT/ICS
  • Make sure every User has just the right amount of access permissions, at the right time, to fulfill their tasks
  • Implement Access Request & Approval workflow & enable true ‘Just-In-Time” (JIT) Access
  • Enforce Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) for Least Privilege access
  • Record all User Session activity for future audit purposes & forensic analysis

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